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Melbourne garlic bread festival

Melbourne’s Stinkin’ Garlic Bread Festival Returns This Month

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that everyone loves garlic bread, so why not celebrate the humble appetiser with us in Melbourne this April? From the burst of excitement upon smelling those first wafts that manage to sweep their way to every corner of the house, to the subtle joy of tearing through the soft, gooey, warm garlicky goodness for the all-important first piece, this genius creation deserves recognition.

Now, the time has come – think garlic bread (lots.) Thornbury. Festival. Be there. Enough said.

This April, the fourth Annual Garlic Bread Festival returns to Welcome To Thornbury, and garlic bread lovers from all over the country are expected to attend, loose pants and hungry bellies on the ready. Here’s everything you need to know, and some garlic bread pictures for all your food fetishes.

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Garlic bread festival melbourne thornbury pub

Welcome to Thornbury | Image: Supplied

Garlic Bread Festival Melbourne

What: Welcome to Thornbury’s 4th annual Garlic Bread Festival
When: Saturday 29th of April 2023 from 12-6pm
Where: Welcome To Thornbury, 520 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

On Saturday 29th of April, garlic bread fiends and intrigued passers-by alike will descend upon High Street to celebrate all the goodness, nostalgia and tastiness that garlic bread has to offer. For one day only, indulge in a seemingly never-ending array of delicious garlic bread options, participate in a team garlic bread relay or try your luck in garlic bread bingo.

If you’re mainly there to devour as much garlic bread as possible, prepare to discover all the innovative garlic bread creations out there. From classic, cheesy, fully loaded with cheese, bacon and spring onion to Pan de Ajo, Mexican garlic bread from Maria’s Taqueria, there is something for everyone.

It’s also important to cleanse the palette in between, and what makes for a perfect beverage to accompany all the bread eating? Alcohol, of course. Indulge in some minty cocktails or a 4Pines Italian Pilsner made especially for the day, the perfect thing to help soak up all that bread.

General Manager of Welcome To Thornbury, Paul O’Brient said, “Garlic bread has always been a classic side dish that everyone loves and today is the perfect opportunity to spotlight and celebrate it. This is a celebration for all of the garlic bread lovers across Melbourne. Whether you’re wanting to fill your tum with the OG wrapped in foil or try a range of different dishes that take inspiration from the snack, there’s something for everyone.”

Once the garlic bread threshold is reached, burn off some of that bread-fuelled energy with Welcome to Thornbury’s Garlic Bread Bingo. Simply collect a bingo card on entry, and mark off the types of garlic bread tasted while exploring the festival. Those who are able to complete their bingo card will win a limited edition garlic bread hoodie (essential winter staple, are we right?) and one lucky winner will win a keg of Italian Pilsner, the perfect way to enjoy the rest of Welcome to Thornbury with mates.

Or, if you still have some space in your stomach, why not embrace your competitive side with none other than the Garlic Bread Eating Relay? From 3pm, gather a team of four and get your game face on as you compete to see who can eat the most garlic bread in a set amount of time, eating one piece at a time.

The fourth annual Garlic Bread Festival will take place from 12pm-6pm. Entry is free, and bookings are encouraged via the website linked below.

Check out the Garlic Bread Festival

Garlic bread festival melbourne thornbury inside 1

Garlic Bread Festival Melbourne | Image: Supplied

Garlic bread festival melbourne thornbury inside 2

Garlic Bread Festival Melbourne | Image: Supplied

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