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Best skincare brands for men

24 Best Skincare Products for Men

The best skincare products for men to use right now include CeraVe, Kiehls, and Malin+Goetz. However, our team of editors have gone through all of the top options on the market to bring you a list of the best, all of which promise to make your skin healthy and attractive in the process. We’ve also turned to the experts at the American Academy of Dermatology Association for further advice on skin care for men. Our advice is to just stop procrastinating and get a proper men’s skincare routine going before any problems arise, not after. Not only will you end up with healthy, radiant skin, but you’ll be fighting off dryness, wrinkles, acne and other issues in the process. That means you’ll be looking great and feeling great, too.

Best Skincare Products for Men at a Glance

Our list of the best skincare brands for men goes like this:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

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Best skincare brands for men cerave
Moisturising Lotion by CeraVe | Image: Supplied

1. Moisturising Lotion by CeraVe

A simple, fuss-free skincare option that never fails, CeraVe is famous for its potent moisturising properties – perfect for all the guys out there with dry skin just screaming for some lovin’. The brand’s products are also known for being lightweight, oil-free and ultra-hydrating. The Moisturising Lotion is by far our favourite product – we love it because it doesn’t feel like you have anything on your skin yet it contains plenty of ceramides and hyaluronic acid and provides hours of hydration goodness.

Founder: Tom Allison
Founded: 2005

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Best skincare brands for men malin goetz
Grapefruit Face Cleanser by Malin+Goetz | Image: Supplied

2. Grapefruit Face Cleanser by Malin+Goetz

Malin+Goetz has every type of skincare under the sun and they’re all about making skincare gentle on your skin, easy to use and fuss-free. We love their products not only for their gender-neutral approach but also because they help us have fewer steps in our skincare routine, which is always a bonus. Our go-to product would have to be the grapefruit face cleanser, which also happens to be one of their best-selling products — the 3-in-1 formula gently removes dirt while toning and improving the look of your skin. Talk about multi-tasking!

Founder: Matthew Malin + Andrew Goetz
Founded: 2004

Check out Malin+Goetz Buy Malin+Goetz here

Best skincare brands for men kiehls
Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls | Image: Supplied

3. Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls

Everyone loves Kiehls, and so do we. how can you not love skincare that combines the expertise of science with the natural goodness for our skin found in nature, right? This is exactly what Kiehls is known for. We go to these guys for the more serious stuff like those annoying fine lines and wrinkles, which is why we love their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a nighttime facial oil that visibly restores skin while you sleep. Trust us, it works!

Founder: John Kiehl
Founded: 2000

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Best skincare brands for men dr barbara sturm
Hyaluronic Serum by Dr. Barbara Sturm | Image: Supplied

4. Hyaluronic Serum by Dr. Barbara Sturm

The epitome of boujee clinical skincare heralding all the way for Germany, Dr. Barbara Strum knows what’s up when it comes to fixing neglected skin, no matter the skin type. If you’re one of those people that hasn’t really bothered caring for your precious skin, this brand has got the goods for you. We can’t go past the hyaluronic serum. It’s packed full of anti-aging hydrating properties and we love how good it feels on our skin, also working to tend to any irritation.

Founder: Dr. Barbara Sturm
Founded: 2003

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Best skincare brands for men aesop
Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste by Aesop | Image: Supplied

5. Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste by Aesop

Aesop’s painstaking commitment to scientific research and development becomes obvious as soon as you spot their lab-style bottles and labels. Inside those bottles are some of the best skincare blends and formulas in the world with a stellar reputation to prove it. We love the purifying facial exfoliant paste, it smells good and exfoliates and cleanses at the same time without being too rough on the skin.

Founder: Dennis Paphitis
Founded: 1987

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Best skincare brands for men grown alchemist
Regenerating Night Cream by Grown Alchemist | Image: Supplied

6. Regenerating Night Cream by Grown Alchemist

Through the use of advanced collagen and elastin boosting actives as well as powerful antioxidants, Grown Alchemist leads the charge on body, hair and skincare. And while their methodology might sound like a chemistry experiment in the making, they rely on certified botanical ingredients and natural actives to get top-shelf results. Their regenerating night cream and their hydra-restore cream cleanser are some of our favourite products — we love how it’s all plant-based, nourishing and scientifically proven.

Founder: Jeremy Muijs
Founded: 2008

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Best skincare brands for men la mer
Body Crème by La Mer | Image: Supplied

7. Body Crème by La Mer

La Mer is a luxury skincare brand solely for men, so you can trust you’re in good hands with their range of products. While their products are on the pricier side, we can vouch that they work wonders and feel amazing. We love their range of skincare for the body, their renewal oil and body crème our top standouts for their nourishing feel and that soft afterglow they give the skin.

Founder: Dr. Max Huber
Founded: 1965

Check out La Mer Buy La Mer here

Best skincare brands for men hunter lab
Daily Face Fuel by Hunter Lab | Image: Supplied

8. Daily Face Fuel by Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab understands that male grooming is more than just a routine, it’s a lifestyle. The brand encapsulates that lifestyle with one of the best men’s skincare brands in Australia. Backed by natural ingredients, scientific formulas and environmentally sustainable methods, Hunter Lab is a no-brainer for those looking to stock up on sustainable skincare. Shoutouts are in line for their ‘daily face fuel’ which provides the perfect solution to a daily, lightweight moisturiser that enriches the skin without overwhelming it.

Founder: Elliot Waldron
Founded: 2015

Check out Hunter Lab Buy Hunter Lab here

Best skincare brands for men cetaphil
Moisturising Lotion by Cetaphil | Image: Supplied

9. Moisturising Lotion by Cetaphil

Another age-old skincare brand that knows no wrongs, Cetaphil is a godsend for all the sensitive-skin men out there. The skincare brand is usually the one that doctors and dermatologists will recommend, and for good reason. We can’t go past their moisturising lotion and gentle skin cleanser — essentials for every home. We love how gentle all of their products are and during the winter months when skin is at its dryest, Cetaphil is truly man’s best friend.

Founder: Galderma Laboratories
Founded: 1947

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Best skincare brands for men drunk elephant
C-Tango eye cream by Drunk Elephant | Image: Supplied

10. C-Tango Eye Cream by Drunk Elephant

One of the newer kids on the block when it comes to skincare, Drunk Elephant is making waves with their tough approach to skincare. Their products choose ingredients based entirely on biocompatibility, rather than natural. The eye cream from these guys is our all-time, featuring vitamin C and cucumber extract — we love how the skin around our eyes immediately feels firmer and more radiant.

Founder: Tiffany Masterson
Founded: 2013

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Best skincare brands for men youth to the people
Superfood Cleanser by Youth To The People | Image: Supplied

11. Superfood Cleanser by Youth To The People

Powered by superfoods, Youth To The People is our go-to vegan skincare brand. Their superfood face cleanser is our top choice — a daily green juice for your skin, quite literally. It’s packed full of superfood antioxidants from kale, spinach, and green tea and we can’t believe how simple it is and how well it works to remove blemishes and prevent buildup in pores.

Founder: Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes
Founded: 2015

Check out Youth To The People Buy Youth To The People here

Best skincare brands for men bondi skin co
Oily Skin Kit by Bondi Skin Co. | Image: Supplied

12. Oily Skin Kit by Bondi Skin Co.

A brand that originated in, you guessed it, Bondi. The Bondi Skin Co. believes that there is a better way to do men’s skincare. There’s a lot of white noise in the anti-aging men’s skincare market but the Bondi boys cut through that. Offering three 100% natural products that deliver you nothing but the essentials, they’ve simplified men’s skincare for good, making this one of the best men’s skincare brands in Australia. If you suffer from oily skin, try their ‘oily skin kit’ and thank us later.

Founder: Dougie Joseph, Chris Mushan and Nick Mallet
Founded: 2020

Check out Bondi Skin Co. Buy Bondi Skin Co. here

Best skincare brands for men the groomed man co
Face Fuel by The Groomed Man Co. | Image: Supplied

13. Face Fuel by The Groomed Man Co.

Groomed Man Co. founder and Melbourne native Daniel Mahony were travelling in the USA when he discovered a topical elixir that worked absolute wonders on his beard. Suddenly, issues like itchiness and redness were a thing of the past. Upon his return to Melbourne, Mahony applied his newfound knowledge to the casual pursuit of organic, aromatic beard oils that would promote that same level of beard health. Soon enough his hobby became a career and before long he was running one of the best men’s skincare brands in Australia.

Founder: Daniel Mahony
Founded: 2014

Check out The Groomed Man Co. Buy The Groomed Man Co. here

Best skincare brands for men ikkari
Illuminating Serum by IKKARI | Image: Supplied

14. Illuminating Serum by IKKARI

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality serums, look no further than IKKARI. They take a holistic approach, combining ancient wisdom with modern methodology. We rate their illuminating serum, an ultra-lightweight serum that visibly brightens and protects skin against sun damage, pollution and environmental toxins. The instant hydration serum is also a lifesaver.

Founder: Adrian Norris
Founded: 2023

Check out IKKARI Buy IKKARI here

Best skincare brands for men paulas choice
1% Retinol Treatment by Paula’s Choice | Image: Supplied

15. 1% Retinol Treatment by Paula’s Choice

Every Paula’s Choice product is non-irritating, never tested on animals and backed by a 100% guarantee. What more could you want? They have a solid reputation for quality anti-aging products and cleaners, and their 1% retinol treatment is an essential product that we think every man should have in their bathroom if you want to care for his skin and age gracefully.

Founder: Paula Begoun
Founded: 1995

Check out Paula’s Choice Buy Paula’s Choice here

Best skincare brands for men patricks
Anti-Aging Face Scrub by Patricks | Image: Supplied

16. Anti-Aging Face Scrub by Patricks

It all started on Bondi Beach when a former hair salon owner decided to take on the big guys by developing his own men’s hair care products. After a ton of trials and tribulations, Patricks has emerged as one of the best men’s skincare brands in both Australia and the world. That’s all thanks to an unwavering conviction that quality raw ingredients and innovative formulations will yield exceptional results.

Founder: Patrick Kidd
Founded: 2007

Best skincare brands for men charles lee
Aftershave Lotion by Charles + Lee | Image: Supplied

17. Aftershave Lotion by Charles + Lee

What happens when you take two Melbourne mates who are dissatisfied with the skincare scene and put their heads together to great something great? The answer is Charles + Lee. These Aussie gents do away with lofty marketing campaigns and convoluted buzzwords to offer cost-effective skincare products that actually work. We particularly love the aftershave lotion, it’s light, and refreshing and makes our skin feel silky-smooth.

Founded: 2015

Check out Charles + Lee Buy Charles + Lee here

Best skincare brands for men evo
Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo by Evo| Image: Supplied

18. Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo by Evo

Young at heart and overflowing with personality, Evo Hair eschews label-boosting gimmicks in favour of the honest approach. Every ingredient on the label is thereby active and their wonderful hair products are free of things like sulphate, paraben and propylene glycol. It all falls under Evo’s agenda of “saving ordinary humans from themselves”. After trying their ‘ritual salvation repairing shampoo’ we have never looked back.

Founder: Garth Gauvin
Founded: 2005

Check out Evo Buy Evo here

Best skincare brands for men dr roebucks
Hydrating Face Moisturiser by Dr. Roebuck’s | Image: Supplied

19. Hydrating Face Moisturiser by Dr. Roebuck’s

Started in 1978 by two Sydney physicians and carried on by their daughters, Dr. Roebuck’s is a pioneer when it comes to all-natural skincare products free of harmful chemicals and fillers. Every cream, tonic and lotion is made in Australia with the country’s beauty in mind, using the only best ingredients and nothing more. We love their fuss-free approach, and the ‘no worries’ hydrating face moisturiser is the epitome of a versatile moisturiser that does it all, for all skin types.

Founder: Kim Roebuck
Founded: 2016

Check out Dr. Roebuck’s

Best skincare brands for men triumph disaster
Rock & Roll Volcanic Ash & Green Clay Face Scrub by Triumph & Disaster | Image: Supplied

20. Rock & Roll Volcanic Ash & Green Clay Face Scrub by Triumph & Disaster

Hailing from New Zealand, Triumph & Disaster is such a phenomenal brand that we had to include it. This legendary company takes the best pages from virtually every playback in the game. That means pairing scientifically proven methods with prime natural ingredients while maintaining an environmentally sustainable business model. When it comes to what we’re loving most, that would have to be the ‘Rock & Roll Volcanic Ash & Green Clay Face Scrub,’ perfect for neglected skin that needs an intervention we’ve all been there.)

Founder: Dion Nash
Founded: 2011

Check out Triumph & Disaster Buy Triumph & Disaster here

Best skincare brands for men valor
Organic Shaving Soaps by Valor | Image: Supplied

21. Valor

Just because you’re grooming it doesn’t mean you have to leave your manhood outside the door. Thanks to Valor, shaving and grooming remains pleasurably masculine endeavour. Their organic shaving soaps and beard balms are second to none and impossible to miss.

Founder: Victoria Clayton
Founded: 2014

Check out Valor Buy Valor here

Best skincare brands for men handsome mens skincare
Charcoal Face Buff by Handsome Men’s Skincare | Image: Supplied

22. Handsome Men’s Skincare

Handpicked natural ingredients and unfettered, masculine branding make Handsome a name you can trust. This top Australian grooming company wants to nourish not just your hair, face and skin, but your soul as well. Grab some of their charcoal face buff for the ultimate pore-penetrating treatment designed to deeply cleanse, lightly exfoliate and buff the skin.

Founder: Mark Tucker and Neale Joseph
Founded: 2015

Check out Handsome Men’s Skincare Buy Handsome Men’s Skincare here

Best skincare brands for men mr smith
Hydrating Shampoo by Mr. Smith | Image: Supplied

23. Mr. Smith

Give your hair the red carpet treatment by going with Mr. Smith. This top hair care brand aims for style and substance and hits the bullseye on both fronts. Their products utilise premium Australian botanicals and vital oils to keep that scalp happy, healthy and hydrated. We love the hydrating shampoo and conditioner combo, it really does make your hair shine.

Founder: Freda Rossidis and David Justin.
Founded: 2016

Check out Mr. Smith Buy Mr. Smith here

Best skincare brands for men vitaman
Age Defender Kit by Vitaman | Image: Supplied

24. Vitaman

Vitaman forages its own Australian backyard to find the purest native botanicals and ingredients to include in its legendary range. Using white tea instead of water as a base, the brand raises the antioxidant bar, making products so natural you can almost eat them, which is why we love them. Our top pick is their ‘age defender kit’ for all your anti-aging needs.

Founder: Clare Castles
Founded: 1999

Check out Vitaman Buy Vitaman here

Skincare Products FAQ

What advise do Dermatologists have for men in looking after their skin?

The American Academy of Dermatology Association advises that men should first consider product labels and ingredients. Second, wash your face daily and after exercise. Third, use a moisturizing shaving cream and shave in the direction of hair growth. Fourth, moisturize daily. Fifth, check your skin regularly for new spots or moles that itch, bleed, or change colour. Sixth, wear sunscreen whenever outdoors.

What are the leading Australian skincare brands for men?

1. Bondi Skin Co. 2. Aesop 3. Grown Alchemist 5. Paula’s Choice 6. Biom Skincare 7. Klim 8. Patricks 9. Charlie Screen 10. Milkman Grooming Co. 11. Ultraceuticals 12. Charles + Lee 13. Evo 14. Black Leopard Skincare 15. Dr. Roebuck’s 16. Blaq 17. Hunter Lab 18. Triumph & Disaster 19. Valor 20. Handsome Men’s Skincare 21. Mr. Smith 22. Vitaman 23. FACE Skincare for Men

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