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Show Your Manhood Some Love with One Manhood Vitamin

Men, it would appear, have learned to start taking better care of their skin, and the days of having a face that rivals a leather wallet for its dry, wrinkled appearance are gone. Nowadays, men take much more interest in providing their skin with the needed nutrients—minerals and vitamins—it needs to stay looking young and healthy.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always apply to the skin that never, if hardly ever, sees the light of day, but the skin of your manhood needs some attention as well.

A lack of fresh air and sun as well as the drying effects of soaps and the chemicals of lubricants can stress your best friend out, leading to tight, dry, irritated foreskin. Gregory Landsman has developed a topical ointment meant especially for manhood—or penile—skin.

OMV (One Manhood Vitamin) is a powerful treatment chocked full of vitamins and minerals meant to keep your private skin soft and healthy, even while you keep it private. The ointment relieves the symptoms of dry, itchy, or irritated ‘manhood skin’ by supporting the health of that area. It helps stimulate circulation and sensitivity in that area, as well as helping to support healthy testosterone levels.

OMV uses a balanced approach of fatty acids, linoleic acid and oleic acid to help keep skin looking plumper and younger. Vitamins D, A, B5, B6, and K help strengthen skin, while zinc assists the body in synthesizing collagen and elastin to repair irritated skin. Potassium helps to keep the skin moisturised internally, while iron helps promote blood flow to the skin.

OMV comes in a pack of 30 topical ampules. Simply pierce the ampule and squeeze out the oil-based formula into your hand. Then massage it into the skin and the surrounding area. For the most benefit, OMV should be used once daily.

We’ve already learned to take care of the skin that shows, now we need to take the next step and care for the skin that matters most with OMV.

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