Nikecraft Poncho Makes Bum Bags Cool Again

Bum Bags (or fanny packs, depending on where you come from) you’re are so ‘90s, but every once in a while a new one comes out that is so beyond expectations that it makes the style accoutrement cool again. The Nikecraft Poncho is one such item.

Nike teamed up with Tom Sachs back in 2015 to create transforming apparel. Jarrett Reynolds, Nike’s senior design director for apparel special projects, helped develop the idea of a slimline pack that could turn into a poncho with just a quick pull. “We used a tear-away zipper for the first incarnation,” explains Reynolds. “It allowed for the explosion—the forceful billowing that allowed the wearer to quickly get into the poncho—but it was really difficult to set up.”

nikecraft poncho bag

Eight or nine concepts and two years later, Nike was still struggling to get the prototype to work the way they imagined it should, so they reached out to Tom Sachs for help. “I was stoked because Tom and his team are problem-solvers. They look at things from a different perspective than we do and that’s what we needed,” recalls Reynolds.

nike short

Sachs abandoned the zippers and opted instead for a mechanism inspired by the parachute release for dragsters. The result is a pack that, with the snap of a few buttons and a quick pull, transforms into a poncho. When the poncho isn’t needed anymore, a quick roll up and a few more buttons, and it’s back to being a poncho.

nikecraft poncho

The poncho is a part of the NIKECRAFT Transitions collection, which launched in April.

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