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puff puff the world's best cigars

Puff Puff – The World’s Best Cigars

“A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it” – Raul Julia. Cigars are like wine. You get some good ones and you get some bad ones. But the one thing they both have in common is that you need to savour it. Like a sip of your favourite wine when you taste the flavour combination of herbs and spices, so too does each Cigar have something unique to offer your palate. If you are new to the scene of Cigar smoking or are looking for something different take a peak.

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1. Man O’ War Ruination

An orotund offering that epitomizes the skilful art of full-bodied premium handmade cigars. The Man O’War Ruination offers bold Cuban-esque flavours balanced by velvety smoothness to deliver a supreme flavourful cigar. Made from a mixture of Cuban seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long leave ligeros, spice greet you up front and is then followed by softer notes of oak, earth, toast, wood and leather.

Founder: A.J. Fernandez
Year started: 20019
Country: Nicaragua
Taste: toasty and spicy notes of hickory, oak, earth, and red and black peppers

2. ACID Cigars by Drew Estate

The ACID cigars will take you on a trip of a different sort. The tobaccos are cured in aroma rooms for months prior to rolling. These rooms are lined with over 150 different herbs, oils and botanicals that imbue into the cigars over time. This sets them apart from the general cigar as each ACID offers a distinct flavour and aroma.

Founder: Jonathan Drew
Year started: 1998
Country: Nicaragua

3. Arturo Fuente

The legendary Arturo Fuente is made with Cameroon leaf wrappers. It is a well-made, mild to a medium bodied cigar that is smooth and a good introduction for the first time smoker.

Founder: Arturo Fuente, Sr.
Year started: 1912
Country: West Tampa, Florida, USA
Taste: woody, earthy, nutty

 romeo juliet brand

4. Romeo y Julieta Churchill

The Churchill is the top seller of the Romeo y Julieta brand. A powerful but disarmingly smooth cigar that redefines the concept of a creamy smoke. Robust and complex with flavours of vanilla, coffee, tropical fruit, wood, cocoa, nuts, herbs and flowers.

Founder: Inocencio Alvarez and Manin García
Year started: 1875
Country: Cuba; Dominican Republic
Taste: vanilla, coffee, tropical fruit, wood, cocoa, nuts, herbs and flowers

under crown by drew estate

5. Undercrown by Drew Estate

A high-end cigar for the working man. The Undercrown uses tobaccos similar to the Liga Privada #9 also from Drew Estate. While the Liga Privada #9 is full flavoured, the Undercrown is a little lighter on the palate with notes of coffee and a slight hint of spice that becomes more prominent as the smoke progresses.

Founder: Jonathan Drew
Year started: 1996
Country: New York City, USA
Taste: black pepper, sweetened almonds, and a touch of sweet Bing cherry

padron 1964 anniversary series

6. Padron 1964 Anniversary Series

This limited production serves up a complex flavour profile of coffee bean, cocoa, earth and hazelnut to deliver a full-bodied uber-smooth palate experience. In true Cuban tradition, the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series cigars are box-pressed and matured for four years resulting in a masterpiece.

Founder: José Orlando Padrón
Year started: 1964
Country: Miami, United States
Taste: coffee bean, cocoa, earth, and hazelnut

java by drew estate

7. Java by Drew Estate

Java cigars are an exceptionally unique handmade from two of today’s hardest working cigar makers. Made with sweet Nicaraguan that features a dark oily Maduro wrapper and infused with delicious gourmet mocha flavours. A smooth smoke from start to finish.

Founder: Jonathan Drew
Year started: 1998
Country: Nicaragua
Taste: cocoa and espresso bean aromas

bolivar royal corona

8. Bolivar Royal Corona

The Bolivar Royal Corona is generous with its spicy and woody flavours. It delivers a flawless burn all the way and because it does not take long to age, it is more readily available. One of the best draws with an optimal smoothness from the beginning to the end.

Founder: Jose. F. Rocha
Year started: 1901
Country: Cuba; Dominican Republic
Taste: black pepper, woody note, earthy note, spicy, cocoa

fuente fuente opus x lost city

9. Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City

The Fuente Fuente Opus X is one of the rarest and most heavily sought after cigars in the world. Made from rare tobaccos grown on Chateau de la Fuente and aged for five years prior to production. It features a dark Dominican wrapper and an eventful blend of Dominican long fillers to deliver a bold, creamy smoke with robust flavours and complimented by a deep, cedary aroma.

Founder: Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr.
Year started: 2009
Country: Dominican Republic
Taste: leather, cedar and oak with spices and a creamy finish

cohiba esplendidos

10. Cohiba Esplendidos

The Esplendidos is the father of the Cohibas. The spice of the Cuban cigar lifts out the matte flavours of food and gives them a density and depth that is unimaginable. This is not one for beginners though. Because of this well sought after cigar, there are a lot of imitations and fakes out there so beware.

Year started: 1966
Country: Cuba
Taste: salted caramel, black cherry and baked apple

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