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How to fold a dress shirt for travel

How To Fold A Dress Shirt For Travel

Let’s face it: you hate packing before your trip. And why wouldn’t you? Your brain is already in Fiji, sucking down cocktails while monkeys dance in the trees above your head. Why the heck would you want to deal with the thankless task of folding up clothes one piece a time, locating all your necessities and then playing the worst game of real-life Tetris imaginable? You wouldn’t. But alas, packing your stuff is part one of the annoying chores you must perform before your relaxing on vacation (part two is dealing with the airport but that’s for another time). Making it all the more annoying is the fact that you don’t want all your nice shirts getting wrinkled, which means you’ll need to learn how to fold a dress shirt the right way.

At first, such a task sounds so painfully simple that you might even take offense to the fact that we brought it up in the first place. Your response to the mere suggestion that you don’t know how to fold a dress shirt could very well be: “Don’t tell me how to fold a dress shirt. I know how to fold a dress shirt!” And to that, we would first reply, “Dude. Calm down. We’re just trying to help.” After you’ve settled a bit, we’d go on to explain that folding a dress shirt is both crucially important and never a simple as it sounds. As the chart below indicates, it’s frequently a six-step process unless you go for the “roll-up” method, which is still a five-step process! But the result is a dress shirt that you can actually wear after unpacking. After all, if you think packing before the trip is a chore, why would you want to get stuck ironing while on the trip! Check out the chart below for a breakdown of how to fold a dress shirt the right way.

pack a shirt when travelling

As you can see from the chart above, there are three separate methods when it comes to learning how to fold a dress shirt. For the meticulous, OCD types we would suggest the first two methods. For those who don’t mind the occasional crease, the roll-up method is probably the quickest. Whichever technique you go with, you’ll be maximising space and saving yourself the task of having to deal with a wrinkled dress shirt in the middle of your vacation. And that is what learning how to fold a dress shirt is all about.