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Yeedi Cube in it's Charging Station

Yeedi Cube by ECOVACS Review: Self-Sufficient to the Max

If you’re anything like me, you might be familiar with the unbeatable satisfaction you feel when you see a vacuum cleaner magically suck up the mess on your floors, leaving you with a euphoric feeling that you will spend the day in a squeaky clean home. What makes this feeling even better is not having to lift a finger to make it happen. Allow me to explain.

The Yeedi Cube by ECOVACS is a self emptying and self cleaning vacuum & mop cleaner combo, which washes, scrubs, empties and dries itself in it’s cubic station. It’s all-in-one functionality is ideal if you lead a pretty busy lifestyle or absolute hate cleaning. I first acquired this vacuum cleaner during the Black Friday sales and it has been a staple in my home since then. The Yeedi became an absolute essential for my parents who are in their mid-fifties and don’t have the physical energy to maintain a house with their busy schedule. I can say with complete confidence that this appliance is now part of our family.

But let’s take a closer look into why the Yeedi Cube by ECOVACS is the ultimate cleaning device, by examining features, specs, design and more.

Yeedi Cube + Charging Station Front Angle
Image: Naman Singh / Man of Many

Yeedi Cube at a Glance

Product Dimensions: 45L x 37.5W x 40H (AU / cm) or 15.74″L x 17.72″W x 14.76″H (US / inches)
Weight: 17.1kgs or 37.6 pounds
Surface Types: Carpet, hardwood floors, laminate floors, marble and tiles
Controls: App controlled
Battery Included: Yes
Battery Type: 6 Lithium ion batteries
Run Time: Up to 180 minutes
Suction Power: 5100Pa (unit of pressure)
Colour: White

Yeedi Cube Features

Versatile Cleaner

When it comes to features of the Yeedi Cube, it is equipped with everything you would want and expect from a robot vacuum cleaner with a strong focus on functionality. It’s dual-ability to vacuum and mop makes it a versatile one-stop-shop to scrub up your house. The 8mm auto mop-lift feature ensures your carpet doesn’t get wet in the mopping phase, something I was pleasantly surprised to see when I ran the vacuum cleaner after a huge holiday gathering, which had gathered a decent amount of food debris and spilled drinks on the floor. You can be assured that it handles all kinds of mess, wet or dry, on a variety of surfaces, like hardwood floors, tiles or marble.

Mopping Made Easy

What’s more, the Yeedi Cube has a built-in scrubber to scrub back and forth with force, and then squeeze out the dirty water for a deep clean. The sonic mop self-dries using 104°F (40°C) air, so there is zero chance for odour or humidity to build up. Where this cleaner truly stands out from the competition is in it’s 1000mL XXXL water tank, which covers 200 square metres of area through an impressive 2,500 vibrations per minute, promising a thorough spruce-up. It even managed to mop and dry the medium sized deck in my outdoor area. Something to consider is that continuous use on your deck can result in gradual erosion of the polish, however it’s nothing a coat or two of lacquer can’t restore.

Mighty Suction Power

Now that we’ve talked about it’s diversity, let’s get into it’s core capability of the Yeedi Cube. It delivers solid suction power of 5,100 Pa and effortlessly picks up dust, dirt, and pet hair through it’s dual edge brush. While it promises about 180 minutes of solid run-time in a single charge, I personally needed to use it for only 60 minutes, because of the size of my house. Upon testing, I also discovered that it is advanced enough to recognise debris of odd sizes. The Yeedi takes a few attempts to suck these in but gets there eventually. True to it’s versatility, it turns on Auto-Boost mode and increases suction powers on carpets and rugs to target dense areas. Arguably one of my personal favourite features was how effective it was at picking up hair. It looks like I am not the only one who thinks so – the Yeedi received a 4 star rating for it’s hair-picking capabilities on Amazon, and is the top-rated feature by users.

Yeedi Cube Suction Power
Image: Yeedi Website

Yeedi Cube Design

Reliable Autonomy

While the cleaner itself is designed like any other robotic vacuum, it’s the cube-shaped station where all the magic happens. The charging station ensures the Yeedi Cube self-washes, self-empties, and self-dries from all angles to take all the hassle out of cleaning day at home. The vacuum cleaner stays neatly tucked away inside the cube in charging mode, meaning no unnecessary obstructions on the floor. Though not particularly compact, the station also doesn’t take up much room. When the cleaner makes it’s way around, make sure to move any minor things out of they way to avoid blocking it’s path. However, the weight might pose a slight challenge, as at 17kgs, it’s not easy to lift or manoeuvre. I recommend a full charge before use so it doesn’t stop halfway through a clean and you need to manually lift it up to pop it back into the charging station.

Navigational Breeze

This wouldn’t be a robotic vacuum review without giving a nod to the tech which powers the robot. The Yeedi is armed with an advanced-level visual and laser fusion navigation system to seamlessly move between rooms. The easy-to-use app allows to customise your home’s layout so you can merge and divide rooms or choose a cleaning sequence. It’s multi-level mapping means you can set up several maps on the same cleaner, and the Yeedi will make it’s way around each level based on it’s respective routes. An amusing feature, which I hilariously stumbled upon, was that it doesn’t enter rooms which are closed. While obvious in hindsight, imagine my surprise when I found the cleaner patiently waiting outside my room while I was changing inside. Smart indeed. The vacuum is also easily compatible with most smart home technologies like Amazon Echo, Siri and Google Home.

Yeedi's Multi Level Mapping View
Image: Yeedi Website

Easy to Manage

On the inside, the vacuum has a short, L-shaped tunnel, allowing dirt and dust to be picked up quite easily and quickly. Yeedi keeps the debris sealed in the dust bag and holds it for up to 60 days, so you don’t need to change the bag for approximately 2 months. Although because I was using it every week, and on bigger messes, I needed to empty the bag and replace it within a month. One thing I was slightly surprised by is that I needed to buy accessories like the extra mopping pads and dust bags separately. Barring that, maintenance of the vacuum is fairly simple – just detach the base to empty it and clean it out. A quick water rinse using room temperature water is more than enough as the inner walls of the waste water bucket are lined with a polished surface for protection.

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Image: Naman Singh / Man of Many

Should You Buy the Yeedi Cube?

If you want to familiarise yourself with the world of smart home tech, and are looking for a value-for-money robotic vacuum cleaner, then the Yeedi is absolutely worth it. Once I turned it on, it was set and forget so labelling this automated vacuum cleaner is self-sufficient is really no misnomer. Cleaning the house with the Yeedi has been a breeze. It’s saved our family time, energy and taken a huge chore off our plate. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with the right amount of technology and capability to give the house an immaculate scrub up (and down).

However, the Yeedi is available in a few different variations if the cube version isn’t your thing. They vary in price point and features, particularly when it comes to mopping and drying ability, dustbin capacity and compatibility of voice technology. They are as follows:

  • Yeedi Vac Station
  • Yeedi Vac 2
  • Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

The price of the Yeedi vary by retailer and replacement accessories are available from their website, but also can be found on Amazon.

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