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Man of Many's best Black Friday deals for 2023 | Image: Man of Many

Best Black Friday Deals: A Complete Guide

Black Friday, the monumental sales event, starts on Friday, 24 November, followed by Cyber Monday on the 27th. As the pinnacle sales weekend of the year, top retailers nationwide offer unmatched deals in the lead-up to Christmas. From fashion to tech, expect sales galore even before the main event, catering to early bird shoppers and those gearing up for seasonal changes. Traditionally after Thanksgiving, in 2023, this shopping extravaganza spans from 24 November to 27 November.

Best Black Friday Deals

We’ll be updating our article all weekend so make sure you keep checking back so you don’t miss a thing. Importantly, the race to get sales out has seen Black Friday extend beyond just a one-day event. Many retailers, such as Amazon and Kogan, kick start their sales early, while sales like Fender’s up to 50% off Black Friday gear sale won’t officially launch until Friday 24 November. Check the official store website before you purchase anything!

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Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT

In partnership with Fender

Whether you’re a shredder, strummer, or finger-picking powerhouse, there’s no day quite like ‘New Guitar Day’. And if the guitar in question is 40 per cent off, well, that’s even better – just ask Fender. The iconic guitar brand is determined to make this a Black Friday to remember by offering its absolutely killer Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT at a massive discount. Bringing modern features and a bold aesthetic to the iconic Stratocaster design—we love the contrast of the pearl white body and black scratchplate/headstock—it’s undoubtedly an instrument for forward-looking guitarists, whether they’re tearing it up on stage, toiling away in the studio, or honing their chops at home.

What makes this guitar particularly deserving of its “special” moniker is the inclusion of Squier’s SQR alnico single-coil pickups, which are positioned in a unique configuration that places the middle pickup near the bridge pickup for a unique variety of dynamically responsive settings. Features like the roasted maple neck, sculpted heel design, and high-performance components round out this formidable piece of kit.

And that’s not all! Fender is offering generous discounts on a whole range of instruments, including the Limited Edition Player Telecaster With Roasted Maple Neck, Contemporary Active Jazzmaster, 40th Anniversary Stratocaster, and Paranormal Toronado. Check them all out via the link below and be sure to enter the code “Fender” at checkout to enjoy up to 50 per cent off.

What is Black Friday?

For the uninitiated, Black Friday is the informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the US. For years, American businesses have offered massive discounts on select products, with some stores opening at midnight to pandemonium. As a result of the major boost in sales, the Black Friday shopping event has now moved global, with other countries offering huge savings and online deals. In Australia, the rise of Black Friday has been steady, with retailers cashing in on the pre-Christmas rush.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday, celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, falls on Friday, 24 November 2023 this year. Recognized both in the US and internationally, it’s renowned for major sales and discounts. While traditionally a one-day event, some retailers extend deals throughout the weekend. It’s advisable to shop early, as top discounts often sell out fast. For reference, Black Friday 2022 was on 25 November. In 2023, deals run from 24 November to Cyber Monday on 27 November.

Why Do They Call it Black Friday?

According to reports, the term ‘Black Friday’ was first used on Sept. 24, 1869, when two investors, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, drove up the price of gold and caused a crash that day. Allegedly, the move caused the stock market to drop 20 per cent and foreign trade stopped.

From there, the phrase changed hands a few times. In the 1950s, Philadelphia police used Black Friday to refer to the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game. Massive hordes of shoppers and tourists went to the city, forcing police officers to work long hours to cover the crowds and traffic. Nowadays, we know Black Friday as the day after Thanksgiving, when stores open early and offer various sales. The reference to Black Friday comes in the sense that businesses move from ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’ (profitable) that day.

Does Australia Have Black Friday?

Without the Thanksgiving marker or any public holidays, Black Friday is not historically a major event in Australia. That being said, the boost in interest has seen the shopping event grow in popularity in recent years.

Now, you can see a wealth of high-street and online retailers jumping in on the action, offering major discounts across a wide selection of products and end-of-season sales. For the most part, Aussie retailers focus on Cyber Monday sales, the Monday after Black Friday, but a lot of great Black Friday deals are to be had for savvy shoppers. Every year, retail giants like Amazon Australia and Kogan launch thousands of deals on everyone’s favourite brands and products, and this year is no different.

Black Friday FAQs

How many times a year does the Black Friday sale happen?

An annual sales event, Black Friday only occurs once per year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, however, sales that run across this date will generally a few days.

Is Black Friday sale bigger than Boxing Day?

A recent report by Mozo found that Australians spend more during Black Friday than they do on Boxing Day. Projections estimate that spending will be up 20% on previous years for the November sales event, compared to just 7% for the post-Christmas spend.

Is Black Friday deals only on Friday?

While the event focuses on one day, Black Friday sales will generally run across the entire weekend. In previous years, Australians have enjoyed the Cyber Monday event, however, the two have essentially joined to become one major weekend of sales.

Additional Considerations

While the discounts listed here are accurate at the time of publishing, we will keep updating our pages with deals as they come in, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest sales. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping during this period:

  • Kogan First Members get a higher discount than non-members, on listed sale items. It might be worth signing up to unlock even bigger savings.
  • All sales are subject to stock availability, so make sure you get in quick to snag the best offers.
  • Some retailers offer discount codes, so these will need to be applied at checkout to activate the deal.
  • Stay safe when shopping online – while all the deals included here are from reputable and trusted brands and retailers, it’s important to be alert. Never share account information or OTP details, don’t refresh the payment page during a transaction and if a link looks even slightly suspicious, don’t click on it.