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Clicks creator keyboard

Clicks’ Keyboard Case Revives the BlackBerry Button Era for iPhones

When Steve Jobs first introduced the world to the iPhone in 2007, one of its biggest selling points was the revolutionary digital keyboard. But nearly two decades later, are we starting to realise that perhaps something magical was lost when we ditched our beloved buttons? Well, a new startup called Clicks Technology, founded by former employees from Apple, BlackBerry and Google, believes so. And their first product, aptly titled Clicks, is a new nostalgic case for your iPhone that comes with a built-in keyboard on the bottom.

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The Clicks Keyboard bears a clever resemblance to the bottom of a BlackBerry silhouette, though the TikTok generation might miss the memo. Donning a standard silicon case, it effortlessly hugs an iPhone via a lighting port or USB-C (depending on the model), reviving the glorious QWERTY keypad experience. However, unlike the Blackberry, it will mirror the IOS layout for using numbers.

Debuting in Bumblebee yellow and London Sky grey colours, the Clicks Keyboard is all about giving you more screen space without any Bluetooth fuss. This smart case works by tapping into your iPhone’s power, so it’s super light and won’t weigh down your phone. When your battery’s low, just plug it in at the bottom – no need to remove the case. Plus, it even comes with a handy backlight feature as well as iOS shortcuts and voice-to-text.

Started by Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk (aka MrMobile and CrackBerry Kevin), the founders did mention a few downsides to the case. The obvious dilemma for some consumers will be its size, with Clicks giving the iPhone even bigger proportions that will probably feel strange at first (especially in the pocket). Additionally, the case doesn’t have a built-in magnet so accessories like chargers and wallets don’t stick to it very well – yet wireless charging is still possible.

According to the company’s announcement, Clicks says it built the keyboard for creators, with Fischer calling the abandonment of physical keys “kind of odd” since creators use keyboards on their other devices. “Clicks brings the tactility and precision of a physical keyboard to iPhone,” Fisher said, “so people don’t have to wait until they get back to their desks to create or communicate with the satisfying feedback only real buttons can provide.”

Clicks creator keyboard
Image: Clicks Technology

The company has announced an upcoming companion app that will soon be available on the Apple App Store, promising continuous updates and added functionalities to the keyboard over time. Currently, the Clicks case tailored for the iPhone 14 Pro version is already on sale for USD$139, set to commence shipping on February 1st, while the version for the 15 Pro will be dispatched by mid-March. Additionally, preorders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model are open at USD$159.

If you’re looking for a deeper look at the new technology, both Fisher and Michaluk will be showing off their case at CES next week.