3 bold and stylish masculine workspaces

3 Bold and Stylish Masculine Workspaces

Are you tired of working from your kitchen table? Is it finally time to go for a real workspace? Here are some ideas that you can use to transform your current setup into a masculine, comfy workspace that will inspire a productive workday.

scandinavian bookshelf desk

Image: Behance

1. Rustic Industrial Library

This handsome workspace can be created anywhere. Designer Jamie Banfield uses lots of reclaimed wood, interesting artwork and an antique typewriter to give this space a rustic, masculine feel. If you are looking for a low-maintenance, interesting space, this is the way to go.

Table at Lordship Park

Image: John Munro

2. Zen-Like Office Space

The right surroundings can help get your creative juices flowing. This minimalist office space, featured on Lordshippark.com, is the perfect space for an artist or another creative type. It offers beautiful views of nature to help inspire creativity and balance the stress of work. When you need to take a break, you can count on the lovely views and comfy, fun chair to help wash away the demands of a tough work day.

rustic industrial library


3. Vintage Office

If you like vintage, you will like this office space which is filled with rich mahogany and teak tones. Industrial accessories, classic mid-century chairs and rustic finish on the desk add to the vintage look. The wood, stacked in the desk, is a really unique touch, giving this space a definite masculine feel.

Use any of the above great ideas to create a workspace that will actually make you want to spend more time working. Personalize the space with your own dark, rich accessories.

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