40+ Masculine Bedroom Ideas & Inspirations

A few main themes will pop up when you’re looking to design the ultimate masculine bedroom. One is the employment of neutral colours. Another is maintaining a clean and spacious vibe while using a focal point to create a sense of organisation. However, when it comes to the best masculine bedroom ideas, the most consistent theme might be best described by the following phrase: “less is more”. Indeed, the most striking masculine bedrooms are generally minimalist domains that squeeze maximum value from a few choice objects while never overburdening the eye with too much stimuli. A man cave this is not, nor is it a chance to decorate the way your parents wouldn’t let you when you were fifteen. Read on for Masculine Bedroom Ideas & Inspirations to see if you’re landing the right decorative punches.

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What is a Masculine Bedroom?

Before we dive into the list, allow us to quickly expand on what makes for the best masculine bedrooms from a conceptual point of view. We’re not talking about design or theme here, but raising the question: what is the ideal message a masculine bedroom delivers about the man who sleeps therein? And now to answer: a proper masculine bedroom is one that emanates with adulthood and independence. Consider it a visual affirmation that your frat boy days are over and that you’re not just ready for the real world, but on top of it. And if you’re still struggling to let go of that sports pennant you think you would go perfectly up on the wall, put yourself in her shoes for a moment and imagine how much more impact a tasteful work of modern art would render instead. Now you’re getting it.

Tips to Achieve a Masculine Bedroom

A Bedroom is Not a Man Cave

We said it before and we’ll say it again: less is more. Work the mantra into your head until it stays there. Learn to let go of the ephemera (or at least put it somewhere else) and eliminate all clutter so that a few choice components can strut their elegance. To put it another way: a quality masculine bedroom is not the place to show off your amazing Star Wars action figure collection or set up three different game consoles. It’s a place to emphasise ambience and restraint over adolescent whimsy.

Minimalism to the Max

In keeping with the “less is more” theme, well-executed minimalism utilises every element in the room–meaning space, colour, light and furnishings alike–to establish a sophisticated aesthetic. Ignore the instinct to fill every square inch of the bedroom. Instead, let the space between objects mean as much as the objects themselves. Lastly, use one area (commonly the bed area) as a focal point or centre of gravity that keeps the entire aesthetic intact.

Form and Functionality

The bedroom is at heart a functional domain and some of the best masculine bedrooms reduce that functionality to its core. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse copious amounts of visual distinction. For example, there are thousands of bedspreads to choose from and just as many dressers or lamps. Find the basics that work and choose the one right tool for the job. Pair that with a few choice accoutrements like artwork, a bookshelf, a rug, a stereo, a sitting chair, etc, but don’t go overboard.

Stick with Neutral Colours

The beauty of neutral colours is that they more or less always adapt to their surroundings. Accordingly, the best masculine bedrooms commonly play with a dichromatic or trichromatic neutral colour scheme. Feel free to throw in a few (as in one or two) bold textures or patterns by way of carpeting or pillowcases or artwork, and rest assured those patterns will blend thanks to the overall neutral vibe.

Room with a View

If you’re lucky enough to have a view, then use it to its fullest potential. Something like a cityscape or forest right outside the window can do as much if not more than any wallpaper or work of art. For the instances where the view is truly proximate, you might also consider designing the masculine bedroom accordingly. Picture a sleek dark bedroom with tall mirrors to match those sexy high rise views, or brilliant wood panelling and a shelf of outdoor photography books to go with the neighbouring forest.

Lighting and Ambience Go Hand in Hand

Have you ever been in a lamp store? Then you know there are basically a zillion different ways to light a room. Just remember that proper masculine bedrooms are ideally trained in the art of seduction and that dim lighting will create a seductive environment. On that note, when it comes to the lamp designs, go for modern over kitschy. Sure, kitschy might make her laugh, but modern will make her melt.

Discover Your Own Aesthetic

Sometimes forging the most ground means throwing out the rulebook. If you’re a man with a plan, then don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. What’s ultimately important is that all the elements in your masculine bedroom work in conjunction with one another. If you can implement a variety of colours, materials, designs, and patterns while still relaying a message of sophistication and uniformity, then you do you. After all, that’s what being masculine is all about.

With interior decoration, pictures can say far more than words. To see more masculine bedroom ideas and inspirations, check out the images below. Find the ones that you connect with and customise accordingly.

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