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EvaLIGHT Plus Review: A Handy Cooling Accessory

After La Niña lulled us into a false sense of summer security, the heat has well and truly arrived. Several days pushing the mid-30s have hit the east coast of Australia and for those unlucky enough to be caught without air-conditioning, there appears to be no respite from the sun. One remedy has always been portable air-con units, however, the clunky boxes are expensive to run, gaudy to look at and seem to produce more hot air than cool. According to EvaPolar, its latest portable air cooler, the EvaLIGHT Plus is one solution that addresses those concerns, albeit in a very small way.

Evalight plus

Image: EvaPolar


Arriving in a slight package, the EvaLIGHT Plus is around the same size as a radio or set-top box, ie. not exactly huge. The portable air cooler is designed to use natural evaporative technology to drop the air temperature, providing a steady breeze in the process. Turning it on, you can immediately see the cool effect in action, however, the small USB-powered motor doesn’t give the machine a huge output. Instead, it’s more a gentle breeze than full-scale air-condition equivalent production. Great for a slight cooling, but not quite enough to beat the heat.

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Image: EvaPolar


That being said, the EvaLIGHT Plus is highly effective at humidifying the air. Set up in our work office, the portable cooler not only enhanced the temperature, it noticeably improved the air quality, leading to a much more productive working day. By filtering out dust particles, it made breathing far easier, particularly for those, like us, who suffer from asthma.

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Image: EvaPolar


From a design perspective, the EvaLIGHT Plus is seriously impressive Handling double duties, the portable air cooler’s full spectrum LED light function is great at producing a warming glow and setting the environment for a good night’s sleep. Better still, the unit has temperature and timing functions, all accessible via the intuitive design wheel, giving you the ability to customise the experience.

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Image: EvaPolar

The Verdict

Streamlined and aesthetic, the unit definitely has a modern look that fits the contemporary minimalist vibe, but the EvaLIGHT Plus doesn’t quite have the power to make a major difference. Ideal for purifying the air and providing a warming glow, the latest iteration of the portable air cooler is a great accessory for those looking to improve their working environment. Battling the harsh Australian heat, on the other hand, might be a stretch too far. Overall, the EvaLIGHT Plus is a great accessory for the home office or bedroom and with a pricetag of just AUD$229, you can’t knock the value.

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