Masculine home office ideas

35+ Masculine Home Office Ideas & Inspirations

They say compartmentalisation and clear borders are essential to business, and that applies to the masculine home office just as much as the boardroom. Hence, if you’re a man who works from home and has room to spare, consider a proper masculine home office as being more or less mandatory.

Just throwing something together won’t cut it here, we’re afraid–you’ll want our firm, guiding hand to give yourself the office you really deserve. Indeed, the best masculine home office ideas cater to a distraction-free environment where you feel both at ease and business-minded at all times. It’s also a place where potential clients or associates can feel comfortable as well, simultaneously aware that you’re a formidable man of taste, sophistication and action.

Here are some Masculine Home Office Ideas & Inspirations to get that internal motor running. Set up and conquer.

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What is a Masculine Home Office?

Some dudes think all they need is a laptop computer and a flat surface to be fully operational. Those dudes are wrong. For starters, they’re not giving themselves the treatment they deserve. Secondly, by obscuring the line between home and work they’re subconsciously making it harder to get into work mode. By contrast, the right masculine home office is a clearly defined domain where a professional goes to be a professional. Think of it as getting into your car and driving an hour to work, minus the hour drive. The space itself should therefore be cut off from distractions, free of clutter, and ready for business. It should also resonate with the personal touch while not straying too far from decorative tradition. Expect increased productivity–not to mention a greater sense of pride–to follow.

Tips for Achieving a Masculine Home Office

Living room with wood desk and shelves on wall opposite wall

Image: Houzz

1. The Mad Men Aesthetic

The TV show Man Men was set decades ago, but the masculine style it presented still packs an aesthetic wallop. Think leather and wood furnishings, books on the wall, boxes of cigars and a stocked bar. Since you’re working from home, you don’t necessarily need to rock the expensive suit, but on the other hand it wouldn’t hurt. What we’re saying is: don’t be afraid to kick it old school when doing up your masculine home office. A client today is just as likely to respect a glass of single malt Scotch and a powerful business presence as he (or she) would have fifty years ago.

Wood office desk with slant legs and a wood chair in front of it

Image: Jeremiah Collection

2. Make Your Desk Count

Proper interior design generally relies on focal points to bring a space together, and in a masculine home office your desk is the ultimate focal point. That is to say, your desk is both the focal point from a design perspective and from a functional perspective as well. Your desk can additionally determine the tone of the decor and even your general mood at work. Make sure it blends with its surroundings appropriately, and make sure it gives you enough room to get the job done in an organised fashion.

Home office with black wood cabinet wall

Image: Inouye Design

3. Make Your Furniture Count Too

It’s funny to think how something like the wrong chair can make or break your entire day, but the truth is that ergonomics and comfort matter. You can’t get work done if you’re distracted by back problems or irritations. Likewise, you don’t want your clients subconsciously associating you with rickety chairs and bad backs. Opt for distinguished, masculine furniture that ensures sophistication and comfort in equal measure. Dark, quality leather will never let you down.

White home office with four cabinets above table on wall and a ladder leaning on wall next to it

Image: Claire Zinnecker Design

4. Designate an Area for Meetings

Two men talking across a desk can work if necessary, but it can also be a little awkward or distant. If you have the room for it, establish a sitting area where you and a potential client can discuss business without a big distracting desk or computer getting in the way.

Home office with table along a window and a large world map on a side wall

Image: Oliver Burns

5. The Colour of Money

There’s no shortage of colours or materials to connote masculinity in the modern age. Everything from dark leather and burgundy wood to softer shades of grey with modern adornments can get the job done right. Naturally, you should avoid colours like pink, purple, yellow, and orange (as tempting those bright pigments might be). What’s ultimately important is that one core message be relayed: a man of distinction works here.

Home office with white wall cabinets at bottom behind table and shelves above it

Image: The Design Atelier

6. Leave No Detail Behind

A masculine home office is more than a place to work, it’s a testament to your personal interests and innate sense of style. That means every detail counts and should be used to unify the aesthetic. Put every decoration under your proverbial magnifying glass: the books, the lamps, the plants, the artwork, the gadgets, the spinning globe, all of it. Make sure it all syncs with the furnishings and walls to reinforce a uniform vibe and furthermore reveal something about your personal style and taste.

Large home office with wood table in middle and curved wood cabinets along the wall behind it

Image: SV Design

7. No One Argues With A View

If you’re lucky enough to have a big window with a view, don’t take that for granted. Any great office–masculine or otherwise–uses the view to its fullest potential. Furthermore, if the view is specific then you should design your office accordingly. For example, cityscapes go well with modern or minimalist home offices, while outdoor landscapes might call for a more rustic vibe. Use the view to your advantage and make it part of the space.

Masculine office with large leather slab couch and dark brown wood walls

Image: The Cool Hunter

8. Almost No One Argues With Good Liquor

Again, call us old school, but there’s just something to be said about delicious alcohol and a beautiful home bar. Accordingly, you should keep a modest supply of quality liquor on hand for when the occasion calls for it. Also be sure that the bar set-up matches the overall vibe of the office space. And while not every client or associate will want a glass of rare single malt Scotch, the ones that do won’t forget it.

With interior decoration, pictures can say far more than words. To see more masculine home office ideas and inspirations, check out the images below. Find the ones that you connect with and customise accordingly.

Office table in front of a blue wall with framed photos and a plant in a corner

Image: Style By Emily Henderson

Office table along an olive wall with a map of world hanging on it

Image: GAP Interiors/Graham Atkins-Hughes

Wall with uneven sized wood planks behind an office table

Image: Japanese Trash

Black cabinet wall behind an office table and a fur headrest white cushioned armchair at table

Image: Montana Timber Products

Home office with large brown wood table and a reccord player framed photo on wall behind it

Image: Bons Rapazes

Home office with grey wall, wicker chair in front of table and a large plant tree next to it

Image: Honestly WTF

White walled room with work table and cabinets near corner and a ladder leaning on a wall near door

Image: Eva Black Design

Home office with a large moon poster on wall behind table

Image: Apartment Therapy

Home office with a "Fuck this ______ I'm going to London" poster on wall


Wooden desk with showpieces on it and brown chair in front of it

Image: Lina Ikse

contemporary home office decor with posters and art on walls

Image: Boswell Construction

Masculine office with wood top desk and black office chair behind

Image: Decoist

Black wood table and black armchair sofa in a home office

Image: Sarah Wittenbraker

A desk with screen, keyboard and speakers on either sides


An office chair behind a work desk

Image: Mydecorative

A black and white home office desk and a white desk with a brown chair

From right to left image: Stylebee & MAIJU SAW

Desk with monitor showing time 13:09

Image: Twitter

L-shaped desk with three screens and a gamer chair in front

Image: Imgur

Wood desk with a wide monitor

Image: Cristovao-almiro

Desk with three monitors combined in a curved single screen

Image: Unbox Therapy

Home office desk with white keyboard in front of monitor and a white chair

Image: Morgan Jones

Home office desk with a computer and a iron man helmet in a corner

Image: iBixion

Desk with a blue light behind monitor

Image: Imgur

Masculine home office ideas33 1

Image: Youtube

Black desk with black wall behind

Image: Pinterest

Apple desktop computer on a desk with white wall behind it

Image: Oliur Summer Workspace

Black L-shaped desk with two PCs

Image: Pinterest

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General FAQ

How do you decorate a masculine office?

A man's office needs to be both funtional and aesthetically pleasing. Using dark leathers and burgundy woods create a comforting yet masculine feel.

What should a man have in his office?

Every man's office should have a comfortable yet visually appealing chair and desk, as well as the decorations to mask.

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