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EXOD’s Ark is an Inflatable, Hanging Tent

EXOD combines all the aspects of an inflatable tent and a hammock tent into a shelter unlike any you’ve ever seen. The EXOD Ark eliminates all the challenges that the environment throws at you when trying to pitch a tent, and all the discomforts of a hammock thanks to its innovative design.

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EXOD Hanging Tent under

The Ark starts out as an inflatable tent with a tubular exoskeleton that holds up a single wall made of waterproof yet breathable fabric. The tent features an open sky roof made of medical PU that is crystal clear as well as plenty of space for stowing your gear. If you’re in need of better air flow, there are four large areas that can be opened and closed to meet your need. As a tent pitched on the ground, the Ark offers plenty of comfort, but this tent can do so much more than that.

Using a patented strap system, the Ark can be set up anywhere—regardless of the terrain. You can set up the tent using two stable elements, whether that’s a tree, a rock, or a vehicle. Or you can set up the Ark using the single-point-suspension system, so you can literally pitch your tent using just a branch or the underside of a bridge.

EXOD Hanging Tent open

With the tent elevated, you‘ll gain access to the storage space underneath. Of course, to have a hanging tent, you have to figure out a way to have a secure base. EXOD used a carbon frame—the same kind of frame used for military emergency stretchers—to keep the bottom taut and firm. No more drooping into the hammock; you’ll have a flat space to sleep on.

The EXOD Ark weighs around 12 pounds, so it can easily be taken to even the most difficult locations. You can purchase the tent by itself for €1135. Add on the carbon frame for a total of €1565. The Infinite Strap premium strap system comes in at a price of €150. If you get in on the pre-order, you’ll save 30 percent off the prices.

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EXOD Hanging Tent

EXOD Hanging Tent with rope

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