Surfline Sessions and an Apple Watch Can Record You Surfing

It’s a sharable world out there. People everywhere are filming themselves doing just about anything you can imagine, but it’s not always easy to catch that video, especially when you’re surfing. Surfline is amping up its service by adding the ability to record your surfing session with nothing more than an Apple watch.

Surfline is a forecasting service that has been telling surfers about swell conditions since the ‘80s. More recently, it has become a video-streaming source of information that surfers can use to plan trips or just to see if the local waves are worth it on any given day. Fortunately, Surfline uses high definition cameras, and now it’s possible to use those cameras to record your surfing sessions. All you need is an Apple watch and the Surfline app. Simply tap the app on your Apple watch, then start catching waves.

Surfline Apple Watch

The Surfline cameras will be catching you as you surf. The app also tracks your performance while surfing with the Health features on the iPhone. You’ll also see info on the number of waves you caught and how long you were out on the water. The watch also logs how long your ride was and your speed. When the app syncs with your phone, it will break out the videos of each of your rides. You can then share those videos with friends or keep them to study how you might improve.

While you can record your surfing using a waterproof GoPro mounted on your board, or a friend holding a camera on the beach, the nice thing about Surfline is that the image is wider and captures more of what’s going on while you’re surfing. And because Surfline has a network of over 500 cameras in the most popular surf spots around the world, you can record yourself surfing just about anywhere you go. Memorialize your rides without imposing on your friends with the Surfline Sessions for Apple Watch service.

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