Tesla Surfboards Already Sold Out

Tesla’s Surfboards came out as limited edition boards and sold out in no time at all. Tesla originally offered only 200 of the board, each selling for $1,500, on Tesla’s online store. Don’t worry, though, you may still have a chance to pick one up. As with anything that is limited edition—and more especially so when that limited edition offering sports a world-renown brand like Tesla—purchasers of the boards are already offering them for sell. Of course, you’ll pay an inflated price. Some boards are already appearing on auction sites like eBay for upwards of $5,000.

tail view tesla

The boards are being made by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos of Lost Surfboards. According to Biolos, the boards are only 80 percent complete when he hands them off to Tesla for finishing. Tesla then adds the final finish, reportedly the same finish used for Tesla’s cars. The boards are made of the same carbon fiber used for the interiors of the cars, and features the Tesla logo on both top and bottom. The boards can easily fit on either the outside or inside of the Model S, X, and 3. Biolos has commented on the boards, stating that they are one of the lightest, strongest, and most expensive that Lost Surfboards has made.

tesla top view surfboard

Elon Musk is no stranger to expanding his brand. The surfboard joins a list of strange offerings, from a branded flame thrower, to hats, shirts, and even a kid-sized ridable car.

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tip or nose of tesla board

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