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This ATV Mounted on Two Jet Skis is $360,000 of Engineering Absurdity

Monaco can keep their super yachts; we want a Floridian water tank. Before you ask, Shadow Six’s Typhoon was NOT inspired by an 8-year-old’s arts and crafts project titled, “Water ATV with Jet Ski Wheels”. However, that pretty much describes this beast. Nonetheless, the makers have fulfilled every young boy’s fantasy by creating the world’s first aquatic utility vehicle.

Shadow Six Typhoon

Image: Shadow Six

The Typhoon is a marvel of human engineering. The body, which seats one to three people, wears aftermarket body panels from a Polaris PZR side-by-side and is mounted above two wave runners. The twin jet ski hulls are in-house builds, in carbon composite, and they’re connected by long-travel Fox shocks on the front and rear of the vehicle.

Power comes from two Yamaha GP1800 SCHO R marine engines, a 1.8 inline-four that combined creates 500 horsepower. If you want the fastest pony on the track, then there are a number of Riva Racing performance kits that can be installed before delivery. We can’t give you exact numbers, but Riva says a pair of Stage 3 kits will raise the Typhoon’s standard 68 mph (109km/h) top speed to “well over” 80 mph (129 km/h).

Shadow Six Typhoon

Image: Shadow Six

Shadow Six has kept the Typhoon’s weight to just over 2,300 pounds, using carbon fibre and titanium throughout the structure. The Aquatic Utility vehicle carries 37 gallons of fuel, and features racing seats as well as Bluetooth connectivity to blast sick tunes while you speed past puzzled onlookers.

While this product looks foolish on the surface, we can’t help but love it. Shadow Six has taken a ridiculous idea through to its logical conclusion, and the result is bizarre contraption that you just dream to play with. With the brand gearing up to build 30 models, you can pick up a Typhoon exclusively from Riva Racing in Florida, starting at USD$250,399 (AU$360,000).

Take a look at the video above and dream about the fun you could have with your buddies.

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