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2 magonis wave e 550

Magonis All-Electric Wave e-550 Luxury Boat Debuts

Francois Jozic was familiar with the Balearic Islands in Spain. A concert promoter by profession, Jozic had spent time in the beautiful surroundings of Ibiza and Menorca promoting festivals and other events. There, he found a boatyard that was creating hulls through a process of vacuum resin infusion. When the pandemic hit, Jozic was hit particularly hard, as was his friend Matthieu Quintart, who had founded a short-term rental business in Barcelona. The pair decided to take on a new venture using the boatyard Jozic had discovered. But they didn’t want to create just any boat—it had to be something new and different. The result is the Magonis Wave e-550, an electric boat with a lightweight hull and the capability of leisurely cruising, or speeding through the water.

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Magonis wave e 550 side view

Image: Magonis

“With a fossil fuel ICE boat,” says Quintart, “if you want to go faster, you just add a bigger motor. But with an electric boat, a more powerful motor means different batteries, with different weights and proportions. We knew that we wanted to have both cruising and speeding options available, but maybe because we’d never built a boat before, we didn’t know exactly what was involved.”

To accommodate the different styles of boating, the team created a quartet of options for the 18-foot Wave e-550. Each features the lightweight vacuum-infused hull, which drops the dry weight of the vessel to just 740 pounds. The craft can accommodate up to six people, who can take a place on the U-shaped sofa at the bow. Alternatively, you can convert the sofa into a three-person sun lounge or a dining area with a telescopic table.

1 magonis wave e 550

Image: Magonis

For those wanting a leisurely experience, the Torqeedo is the option with its 5 knots capability. Raise the speed up to 9 knots, and you’re looking at the Torqeedo Cruise. For even more speed, the MAG Power RL options are for you. The first offers 14 knots and the second jumps up to 22 knots.

After deciding which version is for you, you’ll also have a whole bevy of enhancements to choose from. Pricing starts at a base of $40,000 and increases from there to the $82,350 for the MAG Power version.

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Magonis wave e 550 top

Image: Magonis

Magonis wave e 550

Image: Magonis

Magonis wave e 550 running
Magonis wave e 550 back top

Image: Magonis