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2024 porsche 911 st

2024 Porsche 911 ST Expected to Arrive This June

Porsche is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first road-certified Porsche 356 on June 8th before re-entering Le Mans for the first time in five years that same weekend, so expect a special model to arrive alongside the celebrations. According to a source close to Porsche collector, comedian, and commentator, Spike Feresten, the brand is planning to unveil a new car that “has not been talked about yet.” All fingers point to the 2024 Porsche 911 ST.

In a discussion on his podcast ‘Spikes Car Radio’ with guest Jerry Seinfeld, the group speculated about the upcoming release, with Seinfeld suggesting it could even be a production version of the flat-eight-powered supercar concept. However, in a year when Porsche is also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 911 sportscar, we think all fingers point to the 2024 Porsche 911 ST. A car that is already being referred to as the ‘ultimate 911’, it looks to combine the best of all current 911 models for a GT3 RS touring-style vehicle.

These rumours are backed up by unverified overseas reports at that also point to the 2024 Porsche 911 ST. And after images recently surfaced of the 911T meets GT3 RS car in testing, it’s all starting to add up. Here’s everything we know about the Porsche 911 ST so far.

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There’s a strong chance the 2024 Porsche 911 ST will be the next in line of Heritage Design models, it’s even wearing the badge in leaked photos from the Nürburgring. The series launched in 2020 with the 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design and followed up with the 911 Sport Classic and GT3 RS Tribute to Carrera RS in 2022.

What’s best described as a GT3 RS ‘Touring’, the 2024 Porsche 911 ST is a modern version of the 911 2.5 S/T track car that launched back in 1971. It’s a fitting addition to the line-up and is expected to be powered by the 4.0-litre flat six-cylinder engine from the GT series. It’s unclear whether or not it’ll be offered with the 375kW/470Nm from the GT3 or the 386kW of the GT3 RS.

As this is all speculation, it’s also unclear what transmission will be mated to the engine, as both varieties have been heard in testing at ‘The Ring’. Porsche insiders close to Autocar are calling the 911 ST “the lightest variant of the 992 generation,” which opens the possibility for manual transmissions. It’s worth mentioning the 17kg weight saving they offer in the 992 generation GT3.

Beyond the drivetrain, the 2024 Porsche 911 ST looks to share certain features with the great 992 models. The carbon-fibre double-bubble roof from the 911 Sport Classic makes its way to the ST, alongside the doors and front wheel arches of the GT3 RS. All other exterior parts are clearly shared with the GT3 Touring, including the centre-locking wheels.

Porsche 911 2 5 st restoration in 2016 by porsche ag

Porsche 911 2.5 S/T restoration from 2016 by Porsche Classic | Image: Porsche

The final piece of the puzzle is the fact that the original Porsche 911 ST won the GT Class at Le Mans in 1972, it was also recently restored by Porsche Classic.

All signs certainly point to the 911 ST, but the good news is we only have to wait a few weeks to find out. If you’re close to your local Porsche dealership, it might be time to get on the phone and start asking questions as production numbers will surely be limited, maybe as few as 60 to coincide with the anniversary. We’d expect allocations to be very hard to come by when the car is officially announced.

2024 porsche 911 st rear end

2024 Porsche 911 ST | Image:

2024 porsche 911 st spotted in testing

2024 Porsche 911 ST | Image:

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