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Baby Bugatti II - Carbon Edition | Image: Bugatti

Bugatti Baby II Lets You Own a Miniature Bugatti for $65K

The last Bugatti Chiron Profilée with the iconic W-16 quad-turbo engine by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. just sold for €9,792,500. Described as an “opportunity to own part of Bugatti history (that) simply cannot be missed”, it’s clear that purchasing a Bugatti is the furthest thing from affordable. For a little bit less, you could buy a Bugatti Veyron, its cheapest road-legal production car, for USD$1.9 million. But what if we told you there was a way to achieve Bugatti-ownership status with historical notoriety for only USD$65,000? With this little car trick, you can customise and configure the Bugatti of your dreams.

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Bugatti Chiron Profilée with the iconic W-16 quad-turbo engine | Image: Bugatti
Bugatti Chiron Profilée with the iconic W-16 quad-turbo engine | Image: Bugatti

Okay, it’s not an actual Bugatti supercar. But how cool is this!? Collaborating with the Little Car Company, the world expert in hand-building junior cars, Bugatti has released the Bugatti Baby II, a toy car with an all-electric 10 kW motor and a peak speed of 68 km/h. Boasting hand-formed aluminium bodywork, the top-tier Pur Sang model requires more than 200 hours to construct.

The Baby Bugatti Configurator is the ultimate tool for car enthusiasts who want to design their dream toy car. Giving car enthusiasts the ability to customise every detail, from the colour of the paint to the wheels, plus custom decals and logos, whether you plan to buy one or not, users can create the perfect miniature Bugatti that fits their unique style, all visualised in real-time 3D.

Baby Bugatti II - Carbon Edition | Image: Bugatti
Baby Bugatti II – Carbon Edition | Image: Bugatti

Taking inspiration from Ettore Buggati, when he created a miniature Bugatti Type 35 for his son in 1926, the Baby has now been re-envisioned and remastered for the present day as the Bugatti Baby II in honour of Bugatti’s 110th anniversary with only 500 limited-edition vehicles slated for production.

The Baby II was born from a complete 3D scan of an actual 1924 French Grand Prix automobile, making it a 75% scale, all-electric reincarnation of the classic Bugatti Type 35. On offer are three versions of the Bugatti Baby II: Base, Vitesse, and Pur Sang, each configured in rear-wheel drive, with high-performance brakes, an electric motor, and adjustable driving modes.

But that’s not all. For owners of W16 Mistrals alone (the same engine inside the Chiron Profilèe), an even more limited limited-edition new Bugatti Baby II model inspired by carbon is also available.

Baby Bugatti II - Carbon Edition | Image: Bugatti
Baby Bugatti II – Carbon Edition | Image: Bugatti

Designing Your Dream Toy Car

  1. Choose your base model. The Baby Bugatti Configurator offers several base models with unique features and options.
  2. Select your exterior colour. With over 50 different colour options, you can find the perfect shade to match your style.
  3. Customise your wheels. Choose from various wheel designs, including classic spoke wheels and modern alloys.
  4. Add decals and logos. Give your toy car a personal touch with custom decals, logos and emblems.
  5. Preview your design in 3D. Get a detailed look at your creation in 3D, allowing you to see every angle and make any necessary changes.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. The Baby Bugatti isn’t just for kids. Due to features like an “adult mode” and a “speed key” giving riders access to the motor’s full 13.6 hp, it’s also a fantastic option for adults.

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