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Ferrari Also Won the Paddock in Melbourne With Limited ‘Special Series’ Unveiling

While the brand’s Formula 1 car remained untouchable in the hands of Charles Leclerc over the weekend it seems the brand was also making its mark off the racetrack with the unveiling of its latest limited-edition special series vehicle – the Ferrari 812 Competizione. Melbourne GP winner Charles Leclerc and Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto whipped the covers off the V12 monster before the opening day, revealing its extreme front-engined Berlinetta stance, features, and power.

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Ferrari 812 competizione

Image: Melior

Ferrari 812 Competizione Performance

Power: 610 kW at 9,250 rpm
Top speed
: 340 km/h
Accleration 0-100 km/h: 2.85 sec
Accleration 0-200 km/h: 7.5 sec
Fiorano lap time: 1min 20seconds

The vehicle is an extreme evolution of the aptly named 812 Superfast and epitomises the 70-year history of the brand on track by showcasing both its strong form and function. Offered to only Ferrari’s most passionate collectors and connoisseurs, the 812 Competizione features engineering solutions that will make the vehicle desirable from both a driving and collecting standpoint.

At its heart, the latest evolution of Maranello’s legendary 65° V12 engine, which reaches the highest output of any Ferrari road-car engine – 830 cv/ 820hp with maximum revs at 9,500 rpm. Numbers that will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up just thinking about them. To achieve such numbers, a new exhaust system and valve timing had to be redesigned.

Underneath the car, changes have been made with independent steering now available for all four wheels to aid turn-in and mid-corner agility. This will also be the first time we see the latest version (7.0) of Ferrari’s Side Slip Control system.

Like most extreme Ferrari models, a host of carbon has been clad on the interior and exterior in an effort to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. In this case, we find new air intakes at the front, a new rear diffuser, exhaust configuration and a new rear screen with vortex generators offering levels of both form and function. A carbon-fibre blade sends itself across the bonnet to meet with an aluminium piece on the rear emphasising the ‘fastback’ look. We think it looks stunning.

Check it out

Ferrari 812 competizione unveiling

Image: Melior

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