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Dmc alpha5 front end

Is the New ‘DeLorean’ Really a DeLorean at All?

What reads on the surface as a heritage brand reestablishing itself in the market thanks to affordable EV production processes could really be just another Elon Musk Tesla Cybertruck moment, or Tesla Roadster, or Tesla Semi… you get the point. The EV world is full of broken promises, and while new brands such as Rivian and Lucid continue to break into the market with tangible products, it seems all we want to talk about is renderings of vehicles that may never exist.

The latest brand is DeLorean Motors Reimagined or DeLorean Motor Company Inc… we’re still not exactly sure which one it is, but they’ve announced a cool rendering of a vehicle called the Alpha5 (formerly called the EVolve) that is meant to ‘arrive in 2024’ – just like the Tesla Cybertruck was meant to arrive last year. At least they’re not charging a $100 fee to ‘reserve’ a vehicle that doesn’t yet exist.

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Dmc alpha5 door open

Image: DMC

It’s well documented that the original DeLorean Motor Company – founded by John DeLorean (the man who created the DMC-12) – was taken over by Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company in the nineties, however, it’s this third player called DeLorean Motors Reimagined who entered the conversation when it ran a short 15-second clip during the halftime show of the Superbowl – check it out here – suggesting that an all-electric DeLorean was set to be unveiled at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on August 21, 2022.

Who is DeLorean Motors Reimagined? Car and Driver report that DeLorean Motors Reimagined is a new company whose largest shareholder is DeLorean Motor Company (who supplies parts for original DeLorean DMC-12s) but Jalopnik questions whether or not this is really the case at all.

At the time of writing, DMR has seemingly vanished from the face of the internet with being the hub for the new brand (and linking to the classic DMC page). According to his LinkedIn, the current CEO of DeLorean Motor Company, Joost de Vries (another leader poached from the early days of Tesla) was formerly listed by Jalopnik as the CEO of DeLorean Motors Reimagined.

Dmc alpha5 side front

Image: DMC

You’d believe then, that DMR has simply merged with parent company DMC, however, DMR still has a Registered Office Street Address in Houston, and DeLorean Motor Company has a Registered Office Street Address in Crosby, Texas – according to publicly accessible tax information. Using the Wayback Machine, we see the original domain was tied to DeLorean Motor Cars’ old site that promised the reproduction of ‘low-volume’ DMC-12s. Your guess is as good as mine where that idea has vanished to.

So what’s the story then, is it a real DeLorean? With the announcement of the latest curvy, powerful, and concept-looking DeLorean Alpha5 EV, I believe a deal has been struck between the parties to combine the heritage of one brand (DMC) with the technological prowess of another (DMR) to create a new look DeLorean for the future. Who knows whether or not DeLorean Motors Reimagined was just an ambitious start-up looking to align itself with the DMC brand but all I care about is seeing these renderings becoming real cars. I don’t know about you, but renderings are becoming uninteresting, I prefer real cars.

Check it out

Dmc alpha5 rear quarter

Image: DMC

Dmc alpha5 side door shut

Image: DMC

Dmc alpha5 rear end

Image: DMC

Dmc alpha5 side angle

Image: DMC

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