Jaunt Converts Land Rovers to Electric Vehicles for You to Rent

Did you know that Australia’s transport emissions per capita are 45% higher than the global average? Indeed, all it takes is one look at our vast landscape and adventurous spirit to see why. But how do we reconcile our collective thirst for exploration and our robust tourism with the potential damage we’re doing to the environment? That’s what Dave Budge is hoping to answer over on Indiegogo, where he’s launched a new campaign by the name of Jaunt.

Jaunt EV

Budge’s mission is as streamlined as it is admirable. Specifically, Jaunt wants to “up-cycle iconic, rattly old four-wheel-drives and turn them into a community built, state of the art, electric vehicle car rental network to help adventurers explore Australia.” In other words, the company puts the soul of a Tesla inside the body of a 4WD. As a result, tourists and local adventurers alike get the benefits of a quality vintage jeep, minus the environmental harm.

Jaunt EV

To make each model, Jaunt’s team hops from auto yards to back sheds in search of salvageable 4WDs. Next, they install EV components such as Tesla Model S battery packs and a NetGain Hyper9 AC Electric Motor. The result straddles the best of two worlds, to say the least. Win, meet win.

To get in on the action, hit up Jaunt’s crowdfunding page. As always, the more you put in, the more you get out. For a mere $50 AUD, you can join the Jaunt team for a test drive. Head on over and help make the future happen.

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