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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV is a Modern-Day Reinterpretation of the Iconic 4

Sometimes, the sequel is better than the original. When the first Renault 4 was unveiled back in 1961, the automotive world took note, while the public clambered to get their own edition. The small-scale hatchback proved to be a roaring success, nabbing over 8 million units sold in over 100 countries all-the-while cementing itself as a simple yet no-nonsense hatchback. Just like the original Mini, it was built as a no-frills economy car with loads of room along with clever packaging. Now, it’s coming back.

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

After 30 years, Renault has revived the hallowed nameplate, albeit in a radical avatar as an electric B-SUV. To be based on the 5 concept and sharing its underpinnings with the Nissan Micra, the 4EVER Trophy SUV concept seems quite close to the production-spec version due in 2025. Renault will be showing the car at the 2022 Paris Motor Show along with the 5. At first glance, the styling has been honed further in relation to the 4L and tries to incorporate the original design ethos within an SUV silhouette.

It’s a compact rugged SUV with a simple pared-back shape along with being sprinkled with interesting design details. It’s a boxy design, however, it does not have a conventional grille, instead copping a gloss black panel that houses the LED lights along with a massive lower bumper.

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

There are no lights on the front flanks while the rear and trapezoidal side windows are placed just above the rear wheels like on the original with a distinct squared-off look. Coupled with a healthy amount of cladding, the 4EVER Trophy SUV looks butch without trying too hard. The best part of the design though must be the rear LEDs which hark back to the original.

The concept comes with a 42kWh battery which develops 138bhp thanks to a front-axle motor. No word yet on the performance figures or on the interior but expect a simple yet tech focussed interior design where even a conventional gear-stick would be shunned.

Along with the 5 hatchback, the 4 would be an affordable electric compact SUV and while some of the details shown here with the concept might be toned down for the showrooms, this is largely what we are going to get and we certainly like it!

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

Renault 4ever trophy

Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault

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Renault 4EVER Trophy SUV | Image: Renault


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