Reverse Barking: Tesla Now Has a Dog Mode

Tesla really is a devious company. First it delights us by announcing that its cars will come with “dog mode”: then it shatters us by revealing that this doesn’t mean dogs will be able to drive them.

Raising hopes, only to dash them: it seems to be what Elon Musk lives for.

Nevertheless, let’s be honest: dog mode is quite cool. Literally so – its function is to keep the interior of the car at a comfortable temperature for dogs while you get out to do a bit of shopping or pick up suspicious packages from a mysterious shack or whatever you like to do with your dog. It’s an excellent innovation: we are all acquainted with the appalling sight of a hapless canine baking inside a hot car while its oblivious owner prances about the supermarket.

Now those oblivious owners will be able to safely neglect their faithful companions, sure that Elon Musk’s intelligent air con will keep them cool. Dog Mode will be available in all Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars with Autopilot 2+ hardware, as confirmed by Musk on his Twitter feed, which is where he lives.

It’s a new age for dogs, and a blow for animal rights worldwide.