Fact or (Science) Fiction – the Tesla Le Mans 2030 Race Car

Fact or (Science) Fiction – the Tesla Le Mans 2030 Race Car
December 7, 2017 Man of Many

Fact or (Science) Fiction – the Tesla Le Mans 2030 Race Car

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Some people mock Trekkies for their devotion to a science fiction TV show, but no one can deny just how prophetic Star Trek was. We may not have dilithium crystals and warp drives, and no one is being beamed anywhere, but they did get some things right. So when you come across a Behance gallery touting the 2030 Tesla Le Mans Race Car, you might initially want to mock, but take a moment to consider just how close we really are.

The gallery portrays a story of auto racing evolving into 24-hour endurance races run by fully electric and autonomous cars that zip around a track, passing through charging lanes reminiscent of the boosts in racing arcade games. The authors present a well thought out and compelling “history” of electric car racing.

The real stand out of this gallery, however, is the renderings of the Tesla racecar. The design is slick and futuristic, yet it pulls in the classic elements of proven race technology. The lines are long and swooping, increasing aerodynamics. Front foils and rear fins call to mind Formula One cars. Without the background story, it would be easy to think that these concept cars are actually sitting on a showroom floor somewhere.

If you want to have a taste of the future of racing, this Behance gallery delivers a full-course meal.

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