Tesla Reveals its Fourth Car – Model Y

The crossover SUV market is booming right now, and who is Tesla to miss out? Enter Model Y, an all-electric mid-size SUV that’s versatile, safe, long-lasting, smart, spacious, and fast. Similar to Model 3, the Standard Range version of Model Y is also surprisingly affordable at just US$39,000. Naturally, that price tag will go up should one opt for the Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, or Performance versions.

Tesla Model Y Crossover SUV

There’s enough room for seven adults and all their gear inside the commodious Model Y. Tesla’s latest is also equipped with advanced technology, a high-efficiency powertrain, and state-of-the-art motors. Consequently, the compact SUV goes from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 150 mph. In addition to its predictably impressive speed, Model Y handles like a champ and rides for 230 miles at a time on the Standard Range battery. Upgrade to the Long Range variant and you get 300 miles of range on a single charge.

Tesla Model Y SUV

Thanks to its low centre of gravity, rigid body, large crumple zones, aerodynamic design, and leading battery technology, Model Y will be among the safest and most efficient SUVs you can drive. Meanwhile, the interior is an absolute oasis, with high seats, a panoramic glass roof, and split-folding second-row seats. Up front is a 15″ touchscreen interface, which handles all the controls. The Tesla Mobile app brings even more benefits to the table.

Tesla Model Y SUV

The Performance, Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, and Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive variants of Model Y are expected to drop in Fall 2020. The Standard Range version is slated to arrive in Spring 2021. Tesla is now taking orders. 

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