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Togg ev

Togg SUV: Turkish EV Debuts at CES 2022

Electric mobility has transcended traditional barriers when it comes to making and selling cars. Due to the relative ease in developing an EV, many start-ups are entering the automobile business with a clear agenda of disrupting the status quo. While pioneers like Tesla continue to have an iron grip on EV sales, traditional car-makers are quickly catching up while start-ups also want to cash in on the EV boom. The latest comes via a car-maker you have most probably never heard of but one that did pique our interests.

Togg ev 2

Image: Togg

Being showcased at the Uber-rare 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo S 3.6 Fetches $1.26 Million, ‘Togg’ is a Turkish start-up and its first product is a fastback/coupe-ish SUV that is aimed straight at the lucrative EV crossover segment. Crossovers with a hint of sports car in their design philosophies are the easiest or amongst the most palatable in terms of attracting new cars. For Togg, this seemed as a no-brainer. It’s also no longer called a ‘car’ as these days it can’t be such a prosaic term as instead the moniker is called ‘Transition Concept Smart Device’ (TCSD).

There are some strong credentials with no other than Pininfarina penning those admittedly, gorgeous lines. It’s a low-slung sport-back shape that is designed to appeal to different buyers including those looking at an SUV. The C-SUV follows the usual concept car trend but is neatly styled with minimal fuss along with clean surfacing. Not much has been shared in terms of the exact specifications but the battery technology has been built in-house while it would be able to cover 500km on a single full charge (WLTP). It’s pretty fast for a mass market premium SUV as it can reach 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. We also hope those cool suicide doors make it to production along with the sci-fi interior being festooned with numerous screens. Another cool detail is the illuminated Togg logo.

Togg ev 1

Image: Togg

As expected, this car is fully autonomous with Tesla-esque self-driving technology along with being connected with other forms of technology being crammed in. Due to the flexible EV platform, underneath, the car will be spacious along with a cavernous boot.

There are plans to launch five more models with this platform including a smaller SUV and a sedan while this SUV would be on sale in 2023 post the completion of homologation tests.

Overall, this sure is an interesting design and has promise in terms of performance or range while getting the price right along with putting the product out in the market is what will decide the future of this start-up.

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