Specialized s works prevail 3 and s works evade 3 helmets

Specialized Unveils New Prevail 3 and Evade 3 Helmets

For cycling enthusiasts, there are a lot of considerations to take into account as you seek to improve your game. Most notably is aerodynamic performance, but there’s also the question of riding comfortably, and that’s often an issue of helmet choice. Specialized’s Prevail road helmet has been a blend of aerodynamics and ventilation offered at a low weight. Additionally, the Evade has been a winner in terms of eliminating drag. Now Specialized has turned its focus almost entirely on keeping the rider cool with the new Prevail 3 and the S-Works Evade 3.

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Image: Specialized

The Prevail 3 makes use of an aramid cage lined with EPS foam liner. This approach holds the helmet together should you take a spill, helping to distribute impact forces over a greater area. While that safety feature is important, it’s not the only reason to use the aramid cage. This design also opens up the vent holes, creating in essence three full-length vents that run from front to back.

According to Specialized, this design increases the open area of the Prevail 3 by nearly 25 per cent. The helmet also features the new Air Node pad design. This design provides rotational impact protection, and in this case, it does so without closing off the vents. All these additions earn the Prevail 3 a five-star rating from the Virginia Tech testing lab for safety. The Prevail 3 comes in seven colours and three sizes.

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Image: Specialized

If you’re looking for an even cooler ride, the Evade 3 keeps its aerodynamic performance while holding onto the larger intake vents. These vents also run front to back, providing an entryway and an exit for airflow. Specialized claims that there is a 10 per cent improvement in ventilation performance over the Evade 2. The Evade 3 utilises the same design features as the Prevail 3, including the safety features. In fact, the helmet earned a five-star rating from Virginia Tech. The Evade 3 comes in three sizes and five colours.

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