The humvee c series is back

The Humvee C-Series Is Back

The first generation Hummer H1 or Humvee as it is called went out of production over eleven years ago. The last one was made in 2006. Although there have been a lot of military-like SUV’s over the years, including the H2 and H3, none can quite compare to the original.

Low shot of Humvee C-Series coming down a slope

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If you miss the first generation Humvee and would give anything to have one, then you are in luck. AM General announced at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show that they plan to re-release the Humvee C-Series. This series was briefly revived back in 2013 as a build-your-own version. As a bare-bones stripped-down version, this version was meant for true off-road enthusiasts. Unfortunately, if you were not into building your SUV, then you were pretty much out of luck as far as owning a Humvee.

Interior of Humvee C-Series

Image: Motor1

Now, Humvee Exports and VLF Automotive have teamed up to start production on a new line of C-Series Humvees. They will be available in a choice of three trim levels—Charlie, Bravo and Delta. All trim levels will stay pretty true to the original 1992 Humvee. There will be four different engine choices available including a 6.5 diesel or a V8 that packs a whopping 430 horsepower and 424 lb-ft of torque.

Humvee C-Series three quarter front on rocky ground

Image: Motor1

Customers can choose four different colours and cloth, vinyl or leather interior. There is also a 12,000-pound winch available.

There is one catch—which might be quite devastating if you were really into the idea of having a Humvee—The C-Series Kit will only be available in China. So, do you think it is worth going to China just to buy one?

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