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Revival cycle ducati 110 fuse

This One-Off Revival Cycles Ducati 1100 Fuse Took 1,000 Hours to Build

Twins have a special connection, but too much of even a good thing is still too much. Recognising the need for some separation came early for Alan Stulberg. At the age of five, his grandfather gave him a Honda motorcycle, which he would ride around the family ranch. “I could get away from my twin brother and feel totally free,” says Stulberg. That freedom soon became a love of riding, and that love continued until 28 years later when Stulberg left his tech job to found Revival Cycles. Based in East Austin, Revival Cycles has 23 employees and has risen to become a global brand. Their builds are so popular that the Revival’s Handbuilt Motorcycle Show brings in 25,000 fans from the Austin area. Take one look at the Revival Cycles Ducati 1100 Fuse build, and it’s not hard to see why.

Revival cycles 4

Image: Revival Cycles

Taking more than 1,000 hours to build, the Ducati 1100 Fuse arrives beneath seven layers of iconic Ducati red paint, spread across the stunning monocoque design. For riders, the fuel and oil tanks, along with the tail section and seat have been heightened with Revival limited leather, to give a unique silhouette on the road.

Under the hood, Revival hasn’t dropped the ball either. The Ducati Fuse build is powered by a seriously impressive fuel-injected 1100 engine, alongside the slipper clutch and custom machine-belt covers. From the outset, the Ducati build is remarkably eye-catching. Sitting on 18″ wheels, it feels like a perfect encapsulation of old meets new, with a futuristic touch thrown in, but it comes as no surprise.

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Image: Revival Cycles

For Stulberg, Revival is more than just a motorcycle garage; it’s also a lifestyle. While they do restorations, specialising in pre-war bikes, and doing full complete customs of major bike manufacturers, the whole vision is to promote life with motorcycles as the inspiration. That lifestyle started with the original Honda that Stulberg was given. It didn’t work, but he was told that if he could get it running, he could ride it. He did just that.

“We believe that the motorcycle should be more than a means to get around,’ says Revival’s mission statement. “It is an aesthetic expression that demonstrates the beauty of purposeful form. We are as focused on design, art, and architecture as we are on mechanics and engineering. When we blend our interests, the result is as much fun to ride as it is to behold.”

Their builds, such as the Revival Fuse and the Revival Birdcage, definitely reflect that vision. With builds like that, it’s no wonder that so many people gather for their annual show, and why it’s easily understandable that Revival has become a global brand.

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Image: Revival Cycles

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Image: Revival Cycles

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Image: Revival Cycles