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Super73 c1x rear end

Super73’s First Motorcycle is Perfect for Urban Exploration

When owners of their Super73 electric bicycle started considering stepping up to a motorcycle, the company listened, and now they’ve unveiled the new C1X concept. As the first electric motorcycle project, Super73 has a lot to be proud of with the C1X.

Super73 c1x front end

Image: Super73

Super73 had envisioned creating a bike with “motorcycle performance with dramatically reduced size and weight,” designed for “urban exploration and highway connectivity.” To accomplish that purpose, the C1X rides on 15-inch wheels and has a size that is perfect for zipping through city streets. And should you head out onto the highway, the C1X can perform, offering up a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

Still, even with that kind of performance, Super73 kept their target market in mind with the C1X, making it the “ideal platform for riders wishing to pass the DMV riding test.” The bike is a seriously easy ride in part thanks to the absence of a clutch, gear shifting, and foot brakes. There’s a chain as well as a front fork suspension, rear shock absorber spring suspension, and LED lights in the front and rear. The seat sits at 31 inches.

As passing DMV muster is a criterion, you can rest assured that the C1X is completely street legal in the United States. The brand integrates the motor with the swingarm, as such, the C1X measures a compact 51 inches and the battery is housed in the frame and offers up a range of 100 miles. The battery can be charged to 80 per cent in about one hour.

There isn’t word on how much the C1X will cost, but you can reserve a spot in line for when it is released for $73 USD. Shipping is set for sometime in the winter of 2023, and the first-ever motorcycle from Super73 is only available in the continental U.S.

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Super73 first motorbike 2

Image: Super73

Super73 first motorbike 1

Image: Super73

Super73 first motorbike 4

Image: Super73

Super73 first motorbike 3

Image: Super73

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