NASA Motorcycle Concept on the moon

The NASA Motorcycle is Truly Out of This World

More and more energy and fervour is going into space travel as the private sector continues creating entry points into what used to be the sole purview of governments. But just because private companies are seemingly taking over, it doesn’t mean that government agencies are forgotten. NASA still serves as an inspiration for people the world over, including illustrator and senior designer Andrew Fabishevskiy. Based in Moscow, Andrew created the NASA Motorcycle Concept, and this bike looks like it would be right at home traversing soon to be visited celestial bodies.

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Motorcycle Concept

The NASA Motorcycle has that traditional look you’ve come to expect from NASA vehicles like the Mars Rover or the Lunar Roving Vehicle. The motorcycle is built around a trellis frame made of tubular steel. The front and back feature single-sided swing-arms that support off-road tires that use an internal framework that resembles the Star of David.

The main body is enclosed in a mylar fabric bag that presumably houses the bike’s battery and electric motor. A simple set of handlebars provides the controls, while the saddle sits above a yellow ball. From the looks of the motorcycle, it appears that power can be routed to both the front and rear wheels, making this an all-wheel-drive vehicle that can take on any extraterrestrial terrain. A pivoting suspension system would take the bumps out of the road. A front luggage rack would serve as a cargo point where samples and gear could be stored.

NASA Motorcycle Concept top view

As could be expected, this bike is completely devoid of any bells and whistles. Things like headlights and turn signals would serve little purpose, after all. For certain it’s a bike meant for a low gravity environment like that found on the moon, but this bike is also cool enough that it would be eye-catching here on earth as well.

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NASA Motorcycle Concept

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NASA Motorcycle

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Featured Video from Man of Many

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