She’s Electric: The All New Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla, the brand behind the famously silent electric car, have no problems proving that their interests lie beyond simply saving the planet from fuel emissions. With the release of the Model S P100D, they’ve proved that not only are they also capable of making a car with some sweet luxury features worthy of any high-end saloon manufacturer, they’re also able to make their cars go fast. Really fast. Even faster-than-a-McLaren-F1 fast.

The P100D packs a 100 kilowatt battery that features the aptly named ‘Ludicrous Mode’, a setting that allows the driver to draw the maximum amount of power from the battery at one time, providing whoever’s behind the wheel with enough acceleration to get from 0-100 in 2.5 seconds. Not a typo. Tesla frontman Elon Musk likes to point out that this is the third fastest car in the world, only after the Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari’s LaFerrari, neither of which are in production or available for purchase anymore.

tesla model s p100d inside

The sedan will travel over 500km on a single charge and is estimated to save thousands of dollars in fuel that you won’t have to buy anymore, but is still set to start at over $250 000 AUD (creeping closer to $300 000 with some of the available add-ons, including an auto-pilot setting that can steer, stop and start with traffic, change lanes and parallel park). Overall, it’s a bloody impressive machine with some serious guts, perhaps all Tesla need to do now is feature a range of pre-recorded, simulated engine sounds that can sync with the drivers right foot to create a holistic hooning experience for the committed rev-head.

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white color tesla model s p100d