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Pandora’s Moments and Timeless Jewellery Collections Have You Covered This Mother’s Day

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Already one of the world’s foremost gifting destinations on Mother’s Day, Danish jewellery brand Pandora has unveiled stunning new pieces in their Moments and Timeless collections in honour of this year’s occasion. The Mother’s Day Moments and Timeless collections introduce freshly crafted techniques along with unique materials and features to celebrate maternal bonds of all possible shapes, types, and sizes. Diversity lies at the very heart of both lines, which pay tribute to all mother figures and thereby make for perfect gifts. Of course, you probably knew that as soon as you saw the word “Pandora.”

As with virtually all Pandora jewellery, the Mother’s Day Moments and Timeless collections interweave symbolic meanings and gorgeous designs to render their one-of-a-kind impact. More than an ultimate eye-catcher and stylish accessory, each new handcrafted piece tells a visual story of motherly love. Take the new sterling silver double dangle charm, for example, which features a cut-out heart lined with white bio-resin man-made mother of pearl and doubles as a metaphor for motherly protection.

Pandora - Mothers Day

Image: Pandora

Speaking of the sterling silver double dangle charm, it finds Pandora putting a signature spin on a classic technique called pavé. Essential to the brand’s heritage and identity, pavé is a setting method that lines the jewellery with glimmering stones, adding unmistakable glamour to the latest rings, earrings, and necklaces in sterling silver, 14k gold plating, and 14 rose gold plating (respectively). Pandora implemented it in a fashion that’s specific to their jewellery, which generates a three-dimensional effect and thus sparkles from every angle.

Pandora Mother's Day

Image: Pandora

Pandora Mother’s Day Gift Guide

From Pandora’s new Timeless Herbarium pieces to the introduction of unique clasps on their classic snake chain bracelet and bangle, the brand definitely has you covered this Mother’s Day. Just as no two mothers are the same, each piece imparts its own distinctive sense of style and symbolism. Here are some personal favourites that are guaranteed to please—find the one that’s right for Mom and make it a Mother’s Day to remember.

Pandora Mother's Day

Sparkling infinity Heart Clasp Snake Bracelet | Image: Pandora

Sparkling infinity Heart Clasp Snake Bracelet – $109

Take a close look at this sparkling stunner to find an openwork heart-shaped clasp detailed with an asymmetric infinity sign, symbolising the eternal connections we share with family.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Pavé Single Row Ring | Image: Pandora

Pavé Single Row Ring – $159 (gold plated) $129 (silver)

This minimalist ring makes expert use of Pandora’s modern pavé technique with its rows of stones on the top and side. The resulting jewellery is stackable, radiant, and timeless.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Splittable Mother & Daughter Charm | Image: Pandora

Splittable Mother & Daughter Charm – $99

A clever reminder of the unique bond between mother and daughter, this sterling silver dangle charm can be split between two people or worn together to form one whole heart.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Pavé Double-row Hoop Earrings | Image: Pandora

Pavé Double-row Hoop Earrings – $149

These everyday hoop earrings cultivate a sparkling three-dimensional effect by way of their pavé setting. Express your individual style by stacking them up with layers of sparkle.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Double Heart Sparkling Ring | Image: Pandora

Double Heart Sparkling Ring – $179

Pandora specially set the heart-shaped stones on this stylish ring, nestling them together as a symbolic gesture of closeness and love.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Pavé Double-Row Bar Collier Necklace | Image: Pandora

Pavé Double-Row Bar Collier Necklace – $229

Whether layered with other jewellery or standing on its own, this alluring pavé necklace injects effortless elegance with an everyday touch of sparkle.

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Pandora Mother's Day

Image: Pandora

Mother’s Day Moments and Timeless Collections

With Pandora’s graceful use of new materials, details, and techniques comes a slate of perfect gifts for this year’s Mother’s Day. The brand’s Moments and Timeless collections celebrate the diversity of motherhood and thereby leave no potential owner behind. Thanks to the distinctive use of the pavé technique, a number of these classic style statements take on a signature sparkle and shine. Call it a wearable counterpart to the sparkle, shine, love, and warmth that your mother brings into the world all on her own.

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