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10 Best Air Fryers Money Can Buy | Man of Many
When inspiration strikes, that’s exactly where the best air fryers come into play. What looks at first like a lofty investment delivers a return over time and—ideally—an elevated tier of quality control. Pulling from air fryer reviews, personal experience, and firsthand testimony, we compiled this list of the top air fryers. We only looked at the top-rated and reviewed products via Amazon and eBay, while also taking into account user reviews on official websites. From there, we were able to put our own cooking expertise on the line and curate the top air fryer list.
How We Chose This List of Air Fryers
Best for: Safety

Starting off our list is the Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer. This Philips model is the most popular on our list by far, for its simple and effective cooking capabilities. Suitable for a small family, the non-stick cleaning tray (trust us, you need non-stick) makes cooking for the family a breeze.
1. Philips Daily Collection Airfryer
When you need to feed a small army, or your family, you need the Delonghi IdealFry Digital. The extra large capacity bowl and RHS technology ensure an even distribution of heat, evenly cooking your meal. The transparent lid also allows you to watch your meal being cooked, and make changes as necessary.
2. DeLonghi IdealFry Digital
Best for: Smaller Size

If you’re looking for an affordable air fryer, look no further than the Kmart Anko model. This Kmart addition doesn’t skimp on the quality, with a non-stick tray and removable frying basket. With its seven easy to use digital touch controls, making dinner is as easy as pressing a button.
3. Kmart Anko Air Fryer
The Philips Air Fryer Premium XXL Kitchen Cookware is the big brother of the Daily Collection Air Fryer. Along with its increased capacity, the XXL model also comes with a surplus of cooking technology. Fat Removal technology creates a healthier frying option, and Smart Sense technology adjusts the temperature and time of cooking for the best outcome.
4. Philips Airfryer Premium XXL Kitchen Cookware
Best for: Dishwashers

Next on our list is the Russell Hobbs 5L Brooklyn. This option is touch screen, so you won’t have to fuss over knobs and switches with slippery fingers. Its pre-set cooking functions take the guessing out of cooking times, and its non-stick, dishwasher safe inserts make clean up just as worry free.
5. Russell Hobbs 5L Brooklyn Air Fryer
If you’re looking for a model with great capacity, the Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe is right up your alley. The two-in-one bowl system makes the most of the 1.2kg tray, and Air Boost technology promises even cooking on each layer. With fast cooking times and a digital display, you can’t go wrong with the Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe.
6. Tefal Ultimate Fry Deluxe
The Breville 28L Air Fryer Oven is more of a microwave/convention oven than the fancy, egg shaped fryers we’ve shown you so far. However, if you’ve got the space to spare, you won’t regret this purchase. Coming with a 3L Dutch oven, rotisserie set up, and dehydration functions, this mixed-use model goes above and beyond your usual version.
7. Breville 28L Air Fryer Oven
Best for: Beginners

The Bellini Digital is another entry level air fryer for those new to the game.
8. Bellini Digital Air Fryer
The Kitchen Couture 4L Digital allows for a more personal touch to your cooking experience. Along with it’s six pre-set modes, you also have the option to go manual, and customise the cooking temperature and time. This means the Kitchen Couture air fryer can even be used to reheat food, for the best tasting results.
9. Kitchen Couture 4L Digital Air Fryer
Closing out our list of the best air fryers is the Ninja Max XL. This Ninja model is fast cooking, with up to 240 degrees of super-heated air to play with. Paired with a non-stick basket and pre-set cooking options you’ve come to love from the optiona on our list, the Ninja model will hold a serious authority in your kitchen.
10. Ninja Air Fryer Max XL
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