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14 Best Boxing Gyms in Sydney | Man of Many


1. Undercard Boxing Gym, Bondi Junction

Undercard is an international brand with a distinct training model that fuses traditional boxing with full-body conditioning. Training incorporates boxing, running and lifting all in the one superior workout. The boxing gym is modelled after U.S gyms with founder Zach Vickers arguing New York is at the forefront of the fitness industry. With all the training equipment you could need and 36 person boxing classes, Undercard should satisfy the needs of everyone in and around the Eastern Suburbs. Undercard offers six classes per day from a 5:30 am session through until 7:00 pm.

2. 12RND Fitness

The high-intensity group workouts at 12RND Fitness are specifically designed by professional athletes and trainers to give your fitness a knockout blow. The workouts are centred around a 12 round boxing contest, combining functional strength, cardio and boxing technique. They have a new round starting every three minutes so you can jump in whenever you arrive, give your ass (and heart and entire body) a solid kicking for 45 minutes, and be out of there in time for your next meeting. They have new classes every day so it never gets old and your body will continue to burn calories for up to 38 hours after each 12RND workout. Get to one of their six boxing gyms in Sydney to try it for yourself with a free workout.

3. Corporate Fitness Centre, Surry Hills

Corporate Fitness Centre offers over 65 classes per week including technique, BJJ, cardio, open sparring and even yoga. Their Corporate Fighter 12 week training program allows you to learn the basics before stepping into the ring with a fellow amateur. Located on Wentworth Avenue just ten minutes from central station and Hyde Park, it is one of the more convenient boxing gyms in Sydney you can pop in to any time of the day to let off some steam.

4. White Collar Boxing, Brookvale

White Collar Boxing is a particular type of boxing in which men and women in white-collar professions train to fight at special events. So instead of bottling up work stress or taking it out on your partner, take it out on a bag at a boxing club in Sydney instead. White Collar Boxing in Brookvale aims to provide the general public with a fun and exhilarating way to train, and head boxing coach Simon Mitchell is renowned for his empowering and personalised service to everyone who trains at the club. White Collar Boxing might be the best boxing gym Sydney has to offer.

5. North Sydney PCYC

PCYC’s all over the city offer top-level boxing gyms in Sydney for every fitness level and age, at an affordable price. Boxing was one of the first sports developed since the opening of PCYC in 1937. Mark Pitts’ has headed the North Sydney PCYC for almost 20 years, training boxers into world champions and winners of the Australian Masters Games. Their boxing classes are held on Monday to Thursday afternoons and Saturday during the day and include fitness, strength, conditioning and competitive amateur boxing.

6. Bondi Boxing Club, Waterloo

Trial a free first week at Bondi Boxing Club (yes which lo and behold is not actually located in Bondi but a converted warehouse in Waterloo) and they’re convinced that you’ll fall in love with professional boxing coach and manager Tony Del Vecchio, namely his ability to produce state and world champion boxers and get any punter into fit, fighting shape. The boxing training centre is open all day on weekdays and Saturday morning.

7. Ultimate Fitness Centre, CBD

For a convenient boxing gym in Sydney CBD, Ultimate Fitness Centre hits the bag square on. They offer over 20 classes a week across two locations at $60 per week. The classes include boxing from basics to advance, squad, calorie-burning or ab-specific as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, cross-training, Muay Thai, sparring, muscle circuits, and capoeira – a fun mix of martial arts, acrobatics, dance, and music. If you’re on the hunt for ‘boxing gyms near me’, look no further.

8. Boxing Works

Owner and operator, Larry Papadopolous, was ranked as the world #1 Light Heavy Weight Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter in 2001. Led by this boxing legend with over 39 years of experience, the team of instructors at all three Boxing Works locations are professionals and ex-competitors. The boxing classes at the best boxing gym in Sydney will have you learning the top technique and enjoying the most comprehensive workouts to get fitter and stronger than ever. Boxing Works is one of the most professional boxing gyms Sydney has to offer.
With a comprehensive offering of boxing lessons, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, metabolic conditioning, functional strength and conditioning, pound movement and music fusion and 30 exercises in 30 minutes, there really is something to suit every taste at UFC Gym. If you’ve always imagined yourself a natural ninja, now you can put your skills to the test with their Ninja Warrior workout.

9. UFC Gym, Sydney

With over 20 years of experience in training boxers nationally and internationally, head trainer Billy Hussein certainly knows how to pack a punch. Bodypunch helps fighters from beginners to professionals gain fitness and skills in a fun and safe environment. They also offer team, corporate and school boxing training in Sydney, as well as weight loss classes and personal training.

10. Bodypunch Boxing Gym, Lakemba

8 Limbs promise a dynamic fitness environment where you can explore and develop a variety of combat and conditioning disciplines. Choose from Muay Thai, boxing, cross-training, calisthenics or personal training. All of the trainers at this Sydney boxing club are industry professionals and champions so you know you’ll get hooked, then counter-hooked.

11. 8 Limbs, Bondi Junction

IBF and IBO Junior Lightweight Champion Gairy “Superman” St Clair is one of the most experienced and versatile trainers in the country, meaning his club easily makes it into the list of top boxing gyms in Sydney. Whether you want to gain muscle, try a new way to get fit or become a world champion, St Clair will help you get there. Check out Gary St Clair Boxing Gym’s inaugural Super Hero Fight Night amateur boxing bout to see the sort of skills you could be picking up.

12. Gairy St Clair Boxing Fitness, Kirrawee

If the reviews of Tzsyu Boxing Academy are anything to go by, Tszyu Boxing Academy is just as world class as its trainer – former World Amateur Champion Kostya Tszyu. They offer fight group, strength and conditioning and boxersize classes every afternoon during the week, and a range of membership options to suit every contender. Test out your stamina at one of these boxing gyms in Sydney today!

13. Tszyu Boxing Academy, Rockdale

14. Hustle Boxing Studio, Potts Point

If you’re a fan of classes, go no further than Hustle Boxing Studio in Potts Point. Where technical boxing meets full-body conditioning, Hustle Boxing provides a range of 50-minute classes in their luxe, nightclubesque fit-out. The Hustle Boxing trainers are committed to driving you to new limits in a fun, inspiring environment and each workout combines cardio, strength and skill resulting in higher coordination and full-body conditioning.
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