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11 Best Charcoal Chicken Shops in Melbourne | Man of Many

Centre Charcoal Chicken is one of the best charcoal chicken shops that Melbourne has to offer. It was voted the #1 Charcoal Chicken in Melbourne for its charcoal chicken that’s rotated over coal for an hour and 20 minutes, resulting in crispy skin and moist juicy flesh.  The free-range Lilydale chicken is marinated in housemade chicken salt. And is served with a side of fresh chips which are fluffy with a good crunch.

1. Centre Charcoal Chicken

Cookshop Rotisserie is not your average Melbourne chicken shop, it’s so much more. With juicy charcoal cooked La Ionica and Bannockburn free-range chicken that falls off the bone available. With a side of roast vegetables that are cooked on a Japanese Hibachi grill. Cookshop Rotisserie also offers crunchy chips, fresh salads, tasty gluten-free stuffing and amazing gravy to have with your chicken. But if you’re not in the mood for chicken they even have spit-roasted lamb that’s cooked for eight hours and braised pork hock that comes with potatoes, peas and cabbage.

2. Cookshop Rotisserie

Preston Chicken Shack is a much loved family-run chicken shop. Where you’ll find some tasty chicken that has pleasantly charred skin and an immense concentration of flavour from the herbs and salt, as well as some flavourful stuffing. The chicken here comes in different potions, from the full chicken to half and chicken pieces available like wings and legs. The portion of chicken leg here includes more breast and thigh compared to other shops.

3. Preston Chicken Shack

Sunshine Social is a popular BBQ hangout serving up some amazing charcoal roasted chicken and smoked meats. The venue is filled with the smell of charcoal from the charcoal grill and tailor-made rotisserie. Here you’ll see whole chickens, half chickens, skewers, ribs and other large pieces of meat. Along with tasty chicken and meats sides are also on offer here with classic Aussie chips and proper chicken nuggets made from real chicken. As well as Israeli couscous salad with pickled eggplant, roast capsicum, olives, and an orange pomegranate dressing and smokey kabana with mustard pickles.

4. Sunshine Social

Super Tasty Rooster is a popular chicken shop offering customers old school BBQ and charcoal style chicken. The tasty chicken is available in full, half, quarter or even chicken pieces, all available with a side of gravy and crispy golden chips that are covered in chicken salt. There’s a great selection of salads like Greek salad and many other sides like thinly battered potato cakes, chicken croquette is available too.

5. Super Tasty Rooster

Hatch’d is a favourite charcoal chicken shop among many Kensington locals. With free-range charcoal chicken, Spanish butterflied chicken as well as Portuguese butterflied chicken. They’re all available in full, half, quarters and chicken pieces, it’s easy to see why they’re a favourite. But that’s not all, with a range of tasty chicken burgers and wraps and a wide selection of fresh salads like pesto fusilli pasta salad and more also on offer here there’s something for everyone here.

6. Hatch’d

Smokey Chooks is a local family run charcoal chicken takeaway shop. They only use free-range chicken to make their specialty chargrilled chicken which is prepared with secret herbs and spices. The crispy gluten-free (no stuffing) and halal chicken just melts in your mouth and is available in full, half and quarter pieces. They also serve tasty burgers, fresh roast vegetables, homemade gravy, crispy chips and a range of healthy garden-fresh salads.

7. Smokey Chooks

Foxes Den is a dine-in and takeaway chicken shop with a focus on healthy and natural food. The Chicken here is free-range, chemical and hormone-free from Bannockburn. It’s available in full, half and quarters. While the Chicken here is tasty and juicy and the chips are crunchy, chicken rolls, curries and meatballs are available. But one of the other main show stoppers here is the large selection of salad packs that rotate regularly. The salads use more than lettuce with ingredients like grains, soba noodles and broccoli used to change up the humble salad.

8. Foxes Den

Smith Street Alimentari is an Italian style delicatessen that serves up take-home meals, rotisserie meats, fresh salads and antipasto as well as paninis. The free-range chicken is available here in full, half and quarters and even chicken pieces. The chicken and other rotisserie meats are slow-cooked and served with a choice of hot or cold sides. These sides include salads, wilted cavolo nero or roasted spuds. There’s also a separate Mediterranean-inspired breakfast and lunch menu available.

9. Smith Street Alimentari

McManos Chicken Bar is a local favourite for tasty and juicy roast and charcoal styled chicken. Chicken is available to order in full, half and quarters as well as chicken pieces. Along with the amazing chicken why not get a side of dark brown gravy, potato scallops or a side of fresh to order fried crinkle cut chips with generous dustings of housemade ‘secret’ chicken salt. The chips here have claimed the title of Melbourne’s best hot chips.

10. McManos Chicken Bar

Fairfield Rooster Bar is not your typical chicken bar. Yes, it has tasty charcoal chickens, chicken burgers and a large selection of sides on offer as well. But it’s so much more. Juicy chickens are cooked fresh over the charcoal, you can get the full chicken or get it cut in half, quarters or chicken pieces. Tasty charcoal chicken fillet burgers are also available. There’s also a large selection of salads like greek salad is made fresh too. Crunchy chips, scallop potatoes and other sides are served here with a choice of tasty chicken salt or regular salt.

11. Fairfield Rooster Bar

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