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Here is a list of the 5 best CrossFit workouts for beginners and WOD workouts as put forward by CrossFit champion Zack George.

5 Best CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

One of George’s personal favourites, DT is among the simplest beginner CrossFit workouts. Relying on a serious of explosive movements that are great for building power and muscle, this workout routine is ideal for anyone trying to put on a bit more size, while also keeping their heart-rate up. According to George, he completes the DT in 3 mins 56 secs. Here is how you complete the DT WOD workout;

1. DT

The second of George’s CrossFit workouts for beginners is the Fran. This training plan sees you go for speed across a number of compound movements, targeting all major muscle groups in a full body regime. The idea behind this WOD workout is to push your heart-rate up and focus on a full-body burn. Starting with the highest number of reps first and lowering the number as fatigue sets in will help to burn calories, with the majority of the CrossFit exercises being completed using bodyweight. Here is how you complete the Fran effectively;

2. Fran

The third of George’s beginner CrossFit workouts is the Helen, the first to incorporate traditional cardiovascular exercise. In this one, you start with a full 400 metre run, designed to deplete your body of energy and build lactic acid. From here, you head straight into complex, compound strength movements that burn your remaining energy and help to immediately get the heart rate up. To complete the Helen WOD workout;

3. Helen

The Cindy is the first of George’s beginner CrossFit workouts that conforms to the AMRAP principle. This WOD workout relies on performing As Many Reps As Possible in the allocated time, meaning your required number of reps is entirely dependent on how hard you choose to push yourself. To complete the Cindy;

4. Cindy

Similar to the Fran, the Annie works on the protocol of completing the required exercises as fast as you can. This beginner CrossFit workout is built like an inverted pyramid, where the initial exercise has the most reps and you steadily step down as the lactic acid builds up. While there are only two exercises in this workout, you could easily substitute more or different high-intensity exercises in the change the system. Essentially, the Annie is a simple CrossFit workout that can easily be adapted to suit your favourite exercises and training plan. To complete the Annie:

5. Annie

If you aren’t quite at the level of jumping into a gym just yet, George reveals there are some basic CrossFit workouts for beginners that you can get started with. Obviously, the best CrossFit exercises are the ones where you push yourself, but to get the ball rolling there are some training considerations to take into account.

Crossfit Workout Beginner Guidance

If you haven’t had the chance to hit the CrossFit gym before, there is a lot to know about the training methodology. Where traditional cardio workouts are designed to elevate your heart-rate over sustained periods and strength training is created to break muscle fibres, CrossFit combines the two notions in a whole-body approach. While bearing some similarities to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), CrossFit exercises and workouts offer a more targeted muscle-stimulant focus that involves more heavy lifting and anaerobic exercise.

What is CrossFit?

Much like the Olympics or the Superbowl, the CrossFit games pairs the best athletes in their chosen sport against one another in the ultimate display of physical prowess. The eventual winner is named Fittest in the World, a title currently held by US athlete Mat Fraser and Aussie star Tia-Clair Toomey. To claim the title, athletes must compete at regional tournaments to work their way up to the world stage, where they find themselves tackling a range of high-intensity workouts designed to test even the fittest of human beings. In the UK, CrossFit superstar Zack George lays claim to the throne. The man mountain recently took out the CrossFit games, officially becoming the UK’s Fittest Man.

What are the CrossFit Games?

One of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit workouts is the prevalence of injuries. While a mixture of high-intensity exercises, speed and weight can proven to be dangerous, the biggest consideration to take into account is your physical limitations. Be sure to visit a GP before you get started and have any lingering injuries checked out. Aside from that, George explains there are a few other things you must avoid when getting into CrossFit.

Common CrossFit Mistakes

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