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Best hoodies for men

15 Best Hoodies for Men

There’s no such thing as a man who doesn’t love a hoodie – the humble, undisputed wardrobe essential. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what time of year, there is seriously the perfect hoodie for every occasion. Sometimes labelled as the lazy man’s answer to all-occasion wear, we believe hoodies are more than that. They are comfortable, soft, cosy and trendy, which is why we also believe there is any such thing as a bad one. With so many options out there, from oversized hoodies, effortlessly cool hoodies and designer hoodies, it can be hard to know where to start! Luckily, we have rounded up the best hoodies for men to help get you started.

Best of Men’s Hoodies

How Man of Many Chose This List of Best Hoodies for Men

This list of best men’s hoodies was selected through extensive research across verticals and categories. Focusing on key elements surrounding, price, versatility and comfort, the hoodies displayed are the best representation of the market in Australia, along with some international offerings thrown in. The hoodies have been separated and highlighted based on the specific market differentiators, so while the Balenciaga hoodie might be the best designer option, it’s not for everyone.

Best Hoodies for Men

If you are looking to improve your wardrobe and take winter warming to the next level, this list is the right place to start. From designer options to budget-friendly apparel, we’ve collated the very best hoodies for me. Stay fresh and warm, fellas.

Advisory board crystals hoodie
Advisory Board Crystals Hoodie | Image: Ssense

1. Advisory Board Crystals

Best For: Basic Hoodie

For the best basic hoodie for men, Advisory Board Crystals are the way to go. The simple, fuss-free design is everything you need and want from a hoodie, without any extra thrills. The cotton-blend material also means it’s so comfortable you won’t ever want to take it off, and we don’t blame you. If you aren’t aware of Advisory Board Crystals, you’re in for a treat. The Los Angeles-based fashion brand is famous for its experimental approach to design and fit, courtesy of founding duo Remington Guest and Heather Haber.

The two fashion lords have crafted a unique label that often incorporated their love of crystal and eccentric sub-cultures into the designs. While this hoodie is a staple essentials, it makes the ideal foundation for self-expression, which is exactly what Guest and Haber have used it for. The brand has teamed up with massive global brands such as Marvel and Moncler for collaborations and even dropped a glitzy Swarovski-covered sweatshirt that garnered worldwide acclaim.

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John Elliott Hoodie
John Elliott Hoodie | Image: John Elliott

2. John Elliot

Best For: Oversized Hoodie

For all those guys out there that just can’t go past an oversized hoodie, John Elliot’s range of oversized hoodies promises ultimate cosiness and comfort. They come in a range of colours, from pastels to basic greys and whites to the classic black hoodie for men, so you’re bound to find the perfect hoodie for you.

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Stone Island Hoodie
Stone Island Hoodie | Image: Mr Porter

3. Stone Island

Best For: Cool Hoodie

OK, every hoodie is cool, obviously, but sometimes you want something extra cool, which is where Stone Island comes in. Stone Island just can’t turn up the cool factor any higher when it comes to their hoodies, with the brand’s badge on the sidearm, unique detailing on the hoods and coming in a range of funky colours including a cool as ever bright yellow. Sign us up.

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Balenciaga Hoodie
Balenciaga Hoodie | Image: Mr Porter

4. Balenciaga

Best For: Designer Hoodie

Everyone knows Balenciaga, so why not rock a hoodie from the famed designer brand? If you’re looking for a designer hoodie to suit your high-fashion vibes, you won’t be disappointed with the brand’s offering. From rugged finishes, funky designs and simple oversized hoodies to choose from, each hoodie rocks the Balaneciaga label loud and proud too.

While the brand has become synonymous with strange releases that border on the bizarre in recent times, Balenciaga is still a brand that prioritises essentials. Through the label’s more than 100 years of operation, staples have remained a critical aspect in the wider range. As a result, opting for a plain black hoodie from Balenciaga is a no brainer.

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Champion Hoodie
Champion Hoodie | Image: Merchology

5. Champion

Best For: Cheap Hoodie

Champion may very well have been the brand of your very first hoodie, and we can see why. Champion stocks some seriously cheap hoodies that are just as comfy and cool as any other hoodie you may buy for double the price. Their hoodies are iconic in their simplicity and classic design – no wardrobe is complete without a champion hoodie.

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Visvim Hoodie
Visvim Hoodie | Image: Clothbase

Other Hoodies We Love

6. Visvim

Visvim has some of the best hoodies for men if you like to keep things a little bit classy. Whilst their range isn’t huge, their hoodies have the quality to allow for it. The offerings include a cashmere and cotton blend hoodie as well as a wool and cotton blend hoodie, as well as trendy patterns such as dyed and striped.

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Best of mens hoodies polo ralph lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodie | Image: Mr Porter

7. Polo Ralph Lauren

All-American brand Polo Ralph Lauren offers a range of hoodies that perfectly encapsulate the iconic designs of their classic polo, with some other fun illustrative designs also thrown into the mix. They also have plenty of casual options, including zip-ups and variations of the beloved Polo Bear hoodie.

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Snow Peak Hoodie
Snow Peak Hoodie | Image: The Sporting Lodge

8. Snow Peak

Snow Peak has just one hoodie up for grabs, which gives us all the more reason to want it! The hoodie is made from Polartec fleece that’s as soft as a teddy bear, but also insulating. The relaxed fit is perfect to wear anywhere, with a high funnel neck and elasticated cuffs that give it an extra, edgy look. The best bit – it also has zipped pockets to store all keys, wallet and whatever else you need.

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Nike Hoodie
Nike Hoodie | Image: Mr Porter

9. Nike

You can’t go wrong with a Hoodie from Nike. Most of their hoodies are designed for sportswear, so are the perfect hoodies if you’re looking for something that accommodates lots of moving and running around. This doesn’t mean they make compromises in the looks department, however, with an epic selection of bright, interesting designs as well as the more classic looks too. Nike truly has a hoodie for every man.

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Vetements Hoodie
Vetements Hoodie | Image: Editorialist

10. Vetements

Offering some of the best hoodies for men if you’re into the skater boy look, Vetements sure know how to stick to a niche and do it oh-so-well. Their range of cotton-blend hoodies makes us want to put one on just looking at it! Each design is hella comfy and has an effortless street-appeal thanks to their quirky print designs.

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C.P. Company Hoodie
C.P. Company Hoodie | Image: C.P. Company

11. C.P. Company

We love C.P. Company for their lightweight, fleece hoodies. They offer the type of hoodies most people would probably call a ‘dad hoodie’ but we reckon every guy needs one of these as part of their hoodie collection. You never know when you need to rock a hoodie that has got that extra ‘smart casual’ appeal, and with one from C.P.Company, you can’t go wrong.

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AMI Paris Hoodie
AMI Paris Hoodie | Image: AMI PARIS

12. AMI Paris

AMI Paris is another favourite of ours for designer hoodies that make you look effortlessly on-trend, with just one casual hoodie. Their range uses organic cotton, which means they’re super comfy, and they come in cream, grey and black – emphasising the effortless, cool appeal that shines through their simple design ethos. The hoodies are also logo-embroidered with the iconic AMI Paris logo.

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Acne Studios Hoodie
Acne Studios Hoodie | Image: Mr Porter

13. Acne Studios

Acne Studios hoodies are the hoodies for every man, with some of the best hoodies for men of all tastes, sizes and comfort goals. Their collection is huge, with everything from oversized hoodies, to basic hoodies to padded hoodies, all with Acne Studio’s signature street-wear design at the forefront. We love their range of hoodies because they offer a more refined take on an everyday staple but remain unpretentious, so you can wear them to dinner or the grocery shop and be looking as fly as ever.

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Comme Des Garcon Play Hoodie
Comme Des Garcon Play Hoodie | Image: Comme Des Garcon

14. Comme Des Garcon Play

Do you prefer rocking a more sporty-luxe style when you wear a hoodie? Well, if this sounds like you, Comme Des Garcon Play has you sorted. The brand’s range of hoodies is an innovative merriment of hoodies and sweatshirts which means they are extremely breathable and wearable. And, their cute love heart logo adorns every one of their hoodies,  which makes us love them that little bit more.

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BOSS Hoodie
BOSS Hoodie | Image: Hugo Boss

15. BOSS

BOSS has some of the best hoodies for men who like a super-soft feel and a laid-back fit in their designer clothing. The iconic BOSS logo is also stitched onto all of their hoodies, capturing the brand’s signature appeal and timeless design. BOSS also prides itself on the materials they use, with their hoodies all made from cotton that is 100% rainfed – just another reason to buy a BOSS hoodie.

Our top pick from BOSS is the French Terry Hooded Sweatshirt with Patch, which delivers an effortlessly laid-back aesthetic with a subtle nod to luxury. It cops a side-seam logo flag and a branded patch at the left chest and is crafted in pure-cotton French terry. Best of all, the BoOSS hoodie arrives with at least 60% sustainable raw materials, feeding into the brand’s ethical focus on production. Feel good and look good.

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Things to Consider For Men’s Hoodies

  • Materials – Hoodies are meant to be comfortable and warm, which is why we believe the best hoodies are made from cotton. Cotton is a material that is breathable, warm and easy to clean. We also love a fleece fabric or wool for those wanting a super warm hoodie.
  • Fit – When it comes to choosing the right fit, it all comes down to what you prefer. Whilst oversized hoodies are on-trend, we think the best hoodies are the ones that don’t take it too far and aren’t too baggy or too tight. However, the worst thing you can do is get a hoodie that is too tight – they’re meant to be comfortable and easy to move around in. A well-fitted hoodie is one that is tight enough to hold its shape but doesn’t droop.
  • Brands – It’s no surprise that brands are also what we look at when deciding what makes a good hoodie. If an iconic brand we know and love has a hoodie range, we can be pretty sure it’s going to be ace. We also think stocking up our wardrobes with all the essentials from our favourite brands is the way to go, and a staple hoodie never goes a miss.

Alternatives to Best Men’s Hoodies

If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on a new hoodie, or you’re in the market for something a little more substantial, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our other wardrobe stuffers and got your fashion game levelled up.

General FAQs

What is the best cheap hoodie for men?

When it comes to finding the best cheap hoodie for men, there are a number of great options. You'll be able to find suitable products at your local retail outlet, however, if you're looking for a great value for money option, it's hard to go past Champion as the best cheap hoodie for men.

What is the best designer hoodie for men?

A number of designer fashion brands are making their way into the essentials realm, however, none have quite managed to capture the interest and acclaim that Balenciaga has. As a result, the Italian brand is by far the best designer hoodie for men.

What is the best oversized hoodie for men?

A rapidly increasing market, oversized hoodies are capturing a lot of interest of late. For the top tier option, John Elliot is the best oversized hoodie for men.

What is the best cool hoodie for men?

Stone Island is the best cool hoodie for men.