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8 Best Spots for Korean BBQ in Perth | Man of Many
For more than 15 years, WA has been privy to the exquisite family-run restaurant, Arirang. The team is on a mission to bring you exciting and innovative Korean food, and they certainly deliver. Not only is the Perth KBBQ restaurant known for having some of the best flavours in town, but founder Mr. Cha Ung Yu is an active member of the WA community and even gives out prizes to UWA students who excel in Korean studies. A true testament to his love for all things Korean. From their Bimbimpap to their choice of the Arirang Original or Premium set (for Korean BBQ), you won’t go hungry here.
1. Arirang Korean BBQ
Tong 86 has delicious food, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. The street food style restaurant will make you feel like you’re getting that genuine, authentic experience. It even has Yakult flavoured soju (could it get any better?). The $50 meat set menus are a steal! Recommended for 2-3 people, the sets come with a choice between kimchi or soybean stew, kimchi or a seafood pancake, prawn or vegetarian dumplings, mushrooms and of course, two bowls of rice. Grab a mate or two and enjoy a wonderful dining experience.
2. Tong 86
Pork is undeniably the most celebrated meat at Palsaik Namoo. If you’re a pork belly lover, you HAVE to dine here. The Palsaik set comes with eight different kinds of pork belly, ensuring you’ll be in pork belly heaven. As an added bonus, it’s only $66, a bargain in our books. If you want other meat, you can try the combo A. It has a mix of beef and pork, or you can try their combo B, which is pretty similar but with larger quantities and recommended for more than two people. There is so much to love here, and it definitely constitutes as great Korean BBQ.
3. Palsaik Namoo
Restaurant Gangnam aims to give you a culinary experience unlike any other. The fusion between Korean and different Asian cuisines is just the tip of the iceberg. Try speciality ranges from the Korean fried chicken to the cold noodles (a chef’s special). Everything is prepared with absolute precision and of course, with fresh produce. The Perth Korean BBQ spot offers two KBBQ sets, the marinated combo, the non-marinated combo and the family combo, which is perfect for large groups. With such an extensive menu, you’re spoiled for choice at Restaurant Gangnam.
4. Restaurant Gangnam
Calling out to all the Korean and Japanese foodies in WA – POPPO Restaurant is most definitely a must-try for you. Besides having some of the best Korean BBQ in Perth, the menu also includes tempura prawn, spicy tuna rolls and unagi. If you don’t want to dine in, you’re in luck. It is also available for takeaway.
5. POPPO Restaurant
Seoul Buffet has that unique family atmosphere. The team serves everything here, from KBBQ to steamboats and what every good restaurant provides – alcohol. This Northbridge KBBQ spot offers you a full buffet-style dining experience and for cheap. Bring your family down to enjoy the real flavours of Korea without not breaking the bank.
6. Seoul Buffet Korean BBQ & Steamboat
Kenny Park, Ian Lee and Jordan Lee are the masters behind one of Perth’s best Korean BBQ restaurants. From authentic tastes to their premium fresh meats and vegetables, SSAM gives you affordable food with a dash of luxury thrown in. The KBBQ sets start at $19, and they even offer you a wagyu set with marbling ranges from 7-9! Their level of dedication to bring you traditional Korean cuisine is reason enough to give it a try.
7. SSAM Korean Cuisine & BBQ Restaurant
Last but not least, K Town Restaurant has ‘Korean BBQ specialists’ that cater each dish to your KBBQ cravings. While the menu celebrates traditional Korean cuisine, you have the power to cook the food in any which way you want – adding to that personal touch. The outdoor seating is made for large catch-ups with friends and family while you all enjoy a bite. They really have everything on their menu, and you won’t get bored with their options. You can enjoy a nice Bimbimbap or hotpot. You can also try one of their KTOWN KBBQ set menus, which range from $39.5 per person to $85 per person. If you want something light, they have a whole menu dedicated to you, from their edamame to fried chicken.
8. K Town Restaurant
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