Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth

21 Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth

The best Japanese in Perth may be a contentious topic, but what certainly isn’t up for debate is the quality of Perth’s sushi. Australia’s silent foodie destination, the West Australian capital rivals Sydney and Melbourne with its crazy long list of great eateries and restaurants that uphold culinary excellence. Unsurprisingly, it is home to some of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants that are all trying to give you the best, most authentic eating experience.

If you’re in the mood for exciting flavours, deep-fried goodness, silky soft noodles and crisp seaweed, then this list has been made just for you. You will definitely be going back for seconds at these restaurants, and we’re so excited for you to be a part of their journey. Without further ado, let’s get into the best Japanese and sushi restaurants in Perth.

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Restaurant Jun

1. Restaurant Jun

Restaurant Jun gives you fresh, completely authentic Japanese food in Perth. Founder Tadashi Hashigusuchi is on a mission to bring you the flavours of his heritage. The Karaage Fried Chicken dish is one of the most popular, and definitely a must-try. For added variety, it even has a different special every day at lunch. Stop by for your lunch break and check it out!

Address: Basement 568 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000
Contact: (08) 9221 3339
Hours: Mon to Thurs: 12pm — 2pm,  Friday: 12pm — 2pm, 6pm — 9pm, Saturday: 6pm — 9pm, Closed on Sundays

Restaurant Jun

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Aisuru Sushi

2. Aisuru Sushi

Decadent, masterful and precise doesn’t begin to describe the food at Aisuru Sushi. If you want the best sushi in Perth, you have got to go here. From the Scallop Nigiri to their Black Velvet Roll, this restaurant continually delivers. If you don’t feel like sushi, Aisuru has got you covered. It has a whole ‘hot’ meal menu range which includes the Yakitori (skewered char-grilled meats) that’s only available during dinner.

Address: 208 William St, Perth WA 6000
Contact: (08) 9328 8578
Hours:  Mon & Tues: 6pm — 9pm, Wed & Thurs & Sunday: 12pm — 2pm, 6pm — 9pm, Fri & Sat: 12pm — 2pm, 6pm — 9:30pm

Aisuru Sushi

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Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Nobu

3. Nobu

Nobu is a fine-dining global sensation, known for never disappointing your tastebuds. Located in the Crown Metropol, this Perth Japanese institution is the definition of class and one experience that you will not forget. The uniqueness to the chain comes from their Teppanyaki option, a $120 set menu that includes WA tiger prawns, the chefs special of the day and so much more. With a combination of fresh WA produce and Japanese flavours paired with local Australian wine, your experience here will be unlike any other.

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Address: Crown Metropol Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100
Contact: 1800 556 688
Hours: Sun to Thurs: 12pm — 2pm, 5:30pm — 9:30pm,  Fri & Sat: 12pm — 2pm, 5:30pm — 8pm, 8:30pm — 10:30pm


Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth KiRi Japanese

4. KiRi Japanese

Takaaki Komagata, the owner and chef of KiRi Japanese, believes in bringing out the best in every dish he creates. With the ethos of introducing people to real Japanese tastes with WA produced mixed in, KiRi wants you to truly embrace their culture. Almost every dish is made for sharing, and unlike many other Japanese and sushi restaurants, this one even serves chips.

Address: 142 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park WA 6008
Contact:  02 9251 5600
Hours:  Tues to Thurs: 11am — 2pm, Tues to Sat: 6pm — 9pm, Closed Mondays and Sundays

KiRi Japanese

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Ha-Lu

5. Ha-Lu

Ha-Lu serves you tapas-style dishes inspired by the idea of sharing small plates of modern Japanese food. The award-winning dishes definitely make it one of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants you can find in Perth. The chefs at Ha-Ly are given free rein to be innovative when creating traditional Japanese food with a modern twist. For starters, you might be inclined to try their Nikujaga, which is deep-fried, potato and slow-cooked beef heaven. It also has a range of seafood and meat options for mains. Feeling like something sweet? You can end your night with one of their three desserts, including the Black sesame creamy tiramisu.

Address: 4/401 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016
Contact: (08) 9444 0577
Hours:  Wed to Sun: 4pm — 9pm,  Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Haru Sushi N Bento

6. Haru Sushi N Bento

The owner of Haru Sushi N Bento is hilariously chaotic, but that’s why you’ll fall in love with him and his restaurant. From noodles, bento boxes, sushi to rice and salad bowls, you’ll want to try absolutely everything here. For dessert, it even provides you with fruit salad bowls, making your lunch extraordinary.

Address: 5 William St, Fremantle WA 6160
Contact: 0410 547 092
Hours:  Mon to Fri: 8am — 5pm,  Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Haru Sushi N Bento

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth D's Authentic Japanese

7. D’s Authentic Japanese

D’s Authentic Japanese is determined to manifest its philosophy of serving food that ‘represents good health’ and continues your love of eating. Chef Koji Harada creates balance with his dishes which are so delicate in texture and rich in flavour. The high food preparation standards are commendable as they use no preservatives, additives and even make all their sauces in house. The menu is entirely seasonal, which means every time you dine, it’ll be something different.

Address: 13/1 Glenelg Pl, Connolly WA 6027
Contact:  02 9251 5600
Hours:  Tues to Sat: 5:30pm — 8:45pm,  Closed Mondays and Sundays

D’s Authentic Japanese

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Peko Peko

8. Peko Peko

Do you want ‘feel-good food’? Then Peko Peko was made for you! From sushi to noodles, this fusion Asian restaurant is one you have to check out. Claiming to have the best sushi in Perth, it may be right. The combination of different Asian cuisines and flavours makes this one an unusual but exciting place. You have to try their Korean Beef Sushi, and Balinese Sambal Chicken Sushi because of just how diverse and mind-blowing the flavour combinations are.

Address: 1/172 St Brigids Tce Doubleview, WA 6018
Contact: (08) 9245 5077
Hours:  Mon to Sun: 10am — 8pm

Peko Peko

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Mr. Oro Sushi

9. Mr. Oro Sushi

Mr. Oro Sushi is definitely not going to give you traditional Japanese food, but if you want to try something different with Japanese flare, then this is the place to be. You can even custom make your own sushi and salad dishes. Although known for being a sushi joint, it also has rice bowls and noodles.

Address: 4/669 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050
Contact: 0460 815 452
Hours:  Mon to Sun: 11am — 3pm, 5pm — 9pm

Mr. Oro Sushi

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Super Tetsudo

10. Super Tetsudo

All aboard Super Tetsudo‘s sushi train. Contrary to popular belief, this sushi train aims to give you 100 per cent Japanese cuisine. It truly has the makings of being a fine-dining restaurant and is definitely one of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants in Perth. If you want something more traditional, you can try the Maki and Nigiri sushi, but if you’re after tasting unique flavours, we recommend trying the fusion sushi range. If you’re a non-sushi eater, not to worry, the a la carte menu is packed with rice, noodles and more.

Address: Level 1 (near cinemas), 1382 Albany Hwy, Cannington WA 6107
Contact: (08) 9358 3999
Hours:  Mon to Sun: 11am — 9pm

Super Tetsudo

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Sushia Izakaya

11. Sushia Izakaya

Sushia Izakaya is not only one of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants in Perth, but it also has a reputation for inspiring Japanese cuisine in Australia. From exquisite food to boutique sake and Japanese beer, your dining experience will be unparalleled. The best part of Sushia is that it’s all reasonably priced and the set menus range from $60pp to $100pp.

Address: 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Contact: [email protected]
Hours:  Mon to Thurs: 12pm — 3pm,  6pm — 11pm, Fri: 12pm — 3pm,  5:30pm — 12am, Sat: 5:30pm — 12am, Closed Sundays

Sushia Izakaya

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Hanami

12. Hanami

Minimalist and modern perfectly describe Hanami. The dishes are simply delightful, you can’t go wrong with their sushi, sashimi, tempura and everything else it has to offer. It even provides you with Teppanyaki, with both meat and seafood options. If you’re vegetarian, it has a range of things you can eat, including their vegetable tempura udon and the vegetable curry.

Address: 685C Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050
Contact: (08) 9371 9855
Hours:  Mon to Fri: 11:30am — 2:30pm, 5:30pm — 10pm, Sat & Sun:  5:30pm — 10pm


Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Nao Japanese

13. Nao Japanese

Nao Japanese is not only a great place to find authentic sushi, but it’s also known for its delicious ramen. With everything being homemade, your Japanese food experience will be magical here. Not only does it have the original white egg noodles, but it also has spinach, red chilli and squid ink noodles.

Address: 191/580 Hay St, Perth WA 6000
Contact: (08) 9325 2090
Hours:  Mon to Sun: 11am — 5:30pm

Nao Japanese

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Ichirin

14. Ichirin

Family run, passionate with fresh ingredients and produce is only the start at Ichirin. The mission of Chef Shiro is to perfectly combine the best of Japanese food with Australian food. A unique part of eating at Ichirin is that the chef chooses your order, which is commonly known as Omakase. But don’t worry, it also has regular lunch and dinner options.

Address: 2/1 Dundee St, Leeming WA 6149
Contact: (08) 9310 8255
Hours:  Tues: 5:30pm — 9pm, Wed to Sat: 11:30am — 2pm, 5:30pm — 9pm, Closed Mondays and Sundays


Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Is Donburi

15. Is Donburi

Is Donburi is a cosy and intimate restaurant that serves affordable, delicious dishes and is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth. It literally serves everything here, from edamame to ] gourmet bento boxes. It also has curries, teppanyaki and Chirashi. If you’re vegetarian, it has a bunch of options for you as well.

Address: 227 William St, Northbridge WA 6003
Contact: (08) 9328 2621
Hours:  Tues to Fri: 11am — 2:30pm, 5pm — 8:30pm, Sat: 11am — 2:30pm, 5:30pm — 8:30pm, Closed Mondays and Sundays

Is Donburi

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Nine Fine Food

16. Nine Fine Food

Casual and relaxed is how Nine Fine Food describes itself, but it’s just the beginning of what you’ll experience when dining here. It only offers course meals, but don’t let that discourage you because you can choose from a whole heap of entree and main options. The course sets range from 51pp to 100pp, and much like Ichirin, Nine Fine Food mixes western food with Japanese and Eastern flavours

Address: 227 Bulwer St, Highgate WA 6003
Contact:  02 9251 5600
Hours:  Tues to Sat:  5:30pm — 10pm,  Closed Mondays and Sundays

Nine Fine Food

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Mon Taste of Japan

17. Mon Taste of Japan

Mon Taste of Japan is a tiny, cute little restaurant that provides you with big, unforgettable flavours. The Japanese classics like Sakura Sushi and Prawn tempura udon are amazing and definitely ones you should try. As a treat, it even has both green tea and black sesame ice cream. Grab a friend to indulge in everything Mon Taste of Japan has to offer you and enjoy your experience with a good drink.

Address: Unit 14/663 Newcastle St, Leederville WA 6007
Contact: (08) 9227 1074
Hours:  Mon to Fri: 11:30am — 2:15pm,  5:30pm — 8:30pm, Sat: 12pm — 2:30pm,  5:30pm — 8:30pm, Closed Sundays

Mon Taste of Japan

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Zensaki Japanese Canteen

18. Zensaki Japanese Canteen

While it does have seating available, Zensaki Japanese Canteen primarily caters to ‘busy professionals’ – those who want a quick bite of memorable food that’s fulfilling. All of the options are affordable and also packed with Japanese flavour and taste. If you don’t want a full meal, you can always pick something from the ‘Grazing’ Menu. It includes the signature fried chicken, their miso soup, vegetable spring rolls and gyozas.

Address: 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
Contact: 0433 693 521
Hours:  Mon to Fri: 9am — 3pm,  Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Zensaki Japanese Canteen

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Marumo

19. Marumo

Marumo was born out of Chef Moe wanting to strike out on his own, and he has definitely succeeded. The only courses offered here are Omakase (a choice of dishes by the Chef). Lasting three hours, the experience here is unmatched as you will delve deeply into the flavours of each dish. It’s a 7-Course Menu for $75pp and therefore is not recommended for children (12years and under). It’s also BYO at Marumo, so you’re welcome to bring anything with a cork that you want to accompany your dishes for the night. Everything here is made to perfection, so just sit back, relax and marvel at the magic before you.

Address: 22/145 Stirling Hwy Nedlands 6009 WA
Contact: 0431 040 899
Hours:  Tues to Fri: 7pm — 10:30pm, Closed Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays


Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth James Parker

20. James Parker

‘Sushi and Sake’, James Parker is known for its exceptional food and its celebration of Japanese drinks. The lunch menu consists mostly of simple, striking dishes like the spicy tuna roll and Unaji, but it’s the dinner menu that really explores the delicate nature of Japanese food. The a la carte menu offers Wagyu Beef Tataki, Fresh Tuna Aburi and so much more you’ll have a food baby by just reading the menu. This is definitely a restaurant to have on your radar for when you have those Japanese and sushi cravings.

Address: Shop 2, 182 James St, Northbridge WA 6003
Contact: (08) 9328 2525
Hours:  Sun & Mon: 11:30am — 1:30pm, 5:30pm — 9:30pm, Fri & Sat: 11:30am — 1:30pm, 5:30pm — 10pm, Thurs: 5:30pm — 9:30pm, Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

James Parker

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Perth Tsunami Izakaya & Teppanyaki

21. Tsunami Izakaya & Teppanyaki

Tsunami Izakaya & Teppanyaki is the perfect romantic Japanese restaurant with its friendly staff, dimmed lighting and the option of dining in a Cinderella themed garden, fairy lights and all. It also doubles as a popular wedding and function venue, which is good to keep in mind for your next celebration. They provide you with dining at either the Izakaya restaurant, Sushi Bar or Teppanyaki bar. Alternatively, you can always take away your favourite dishes. Come to Tsunami with a bunch of your mates to have a good old time and enjoy one of the best Japanese and sushi restaurants in Perth.

Address: 18 Glyde St, Mosman Park WA 6012
Contact: 0422 780 661
Hours:  Tues to Sun: 5pm —10pm,  Closed Mondays

Tsunami Izakaya & Teppanyaki

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General FAQs

Are there any good Sushi places in Perth?

Definitely! There are heaps of places to choose from, almost every restaurant on this list has sushi available. The top-rated sushi places in Perth include Aisuru Sushi and Nobu, according to Google Reviews.

Where's the best ramen in Perth?

While there are a number of great ramen spots in Perth, the top-rated restaurant on Google Reviews is Nao Japanese. With amazing hot and cold ramen, you have a range of options that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Where are good Japanese Restaurants in Perth?

There are a heaps of fantastic Japanese restaurants in Perth. According to Google Reviews, the best Japenese in Perth can be found at: Restaurant Jun, Aisuru, Nobu, Kiri Japanese, Ha-Lu, Haru Sushi N Bento, D's Authentic Japanese, Peko Peko, Mr. Oro Sushi, Super Tetsudo, Sushia Izakaya, Hanami, Nao Japanese, Ichirin, Is Donburi, Nine Fine Food, Mon Taste of Japan, Zensaki Japanese Canteen, Marumo, James Parker and Tsunami Izakaya & Teppanyaki.

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