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9 Best Safety Razors for a Close Shave | Man of Many

If you’ve seen the average Gillette commercial, you know that cartridge razors are still quite popular and arguably more advanced than ever before. One might also deduce from the very same commercials that more blades equal better performance. However, they also increase the likelihood that you’ll irritate the skin or develop ingrown hairs.

What are Safety Razors?

Despite the straightforward veneer, safety razors come in a variety of different types. Here are some things to consider when buying your next safety razor:

What to Consider When Buying a Safety Razor

Looking for the best safety razors money can buy? Like stubble on your face, we have you covered. In no particular order, here are nine of the best safety razors for a close shave.

Best Safety Razors

The world’s most ubiquitous razor brand drew from over a century’s worth of precision and innovation when crafting this single-blade stunner. Named for the brand founder, it features a chrome-plated handle, closed comb, and ultra-sharp blade.

1. King C Gillette Double Edge Razor

Worthy of the nearest barbershop, this top safety razor allows you to choose between six different blade angles by twisting the handle. Chrome finished and compatible with all standard double-edge blades, it brings the exact weight and precision you need for a close shave.

2. Merkur Progress

Do you have long hands? Then here’s one of the best safety razors just for you. Touting a ‘butterfly’ design, it delivers palpable weight and a slanted blade angle. Plus, it’s quite affordable.

3. Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle

The legendary Chieftan has been scientifically designed to give you a smooth shave with zero irritation. Thanks to unique weight distribution and patented architecture, the safety razor offers supreme balance and effortless performance. A pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades—i.e. some of the best safety razor blades you can find—is included with purchase. Skip right past the numerous imitators and go straight to the source.

4. Vikings Blade The Chieftain

Classic and long-lasting, Muhle’s single-blade razor features a corrosion-resistant handle of chrome-plated brass. Being entirely free of plastic, this is a sustainable alternative to disposable fare and a luxurious one at that.

5. Muhle Traditional Chrome Safety Razor

With its chrome-plated handle and textured grip, this double edge razor is yet another streamlined classic of highly functional proportions. The art of shaving, indeed!

6. The Art of Shaving Safety Razor

Feather makes some of the world’s best safety razor blades for people with sensitive skin. This butterfly razor was purposefully designed to maximise the performance of those very same blades. It might be aimed at women, but don’t let that stop you from reaping its benefits.

7. Feather Double Edge Razor

Ask a seasoned groomer to name the best safety razor and he might very well bring up this one from Edwin Jagger. The two-part, chrome-plated shave head has been engineered to deliver an optimal shaving angle. Combine that with a triple-plated handle, scratch-resistant coating, and meticulous detailing, and you get a high-quality razor to rule them all.

8. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor

Crafted in Germany from high-quality materials, Merkur’s safety razor offers heavy-duty construction and streamlined performance. The knurled American barber pole handle makes for a nice touch.

9. Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor

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