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10 Best Smart Fitness Tech Products for a Futuristic Workout | Man of Many
This high-tech body scanner is the edge you’ve been looking for. While normal scales only give you a superficial understanding of your weight loss progress, Withings Smart Scales perform a 30-second composition scan to give you a detailed breakdown of your progress. The wifi-enabled smart scales track your fat loss, muscle mass, water retention, and much more, and combine it all into an app so you can keep track of your progress.
1. Withings Smart Scales
The Apple Watch Series 6 is Apple’s newest smartwatch that promises to be the future of health on your wrist, and boy does it deliver. Measuring everything from your steps and workout parameters to your heart rate and sleep tracking, this high tech health watch even tracks your blood oxygen levels with a new LED sensor.
2. Apple Watch Series 6
If you’re like me, drinking more water each day is the seemingly easy health resolution you just never seem to accomplish. Well, Ozmo has the solution. The Ozmo Smart Bottle is a water bottle that syncs to your smart device to monitor your water intake. Lasting weeks on a single charge, this gadget will provide you with all your hydration data and connects to your fitness wearables. What’s more, it will even send you notifications if you aren’t drinking enough water – problem solved!
3. Ozmo Smart Bottle
Say goodbye to schoolyard skipping ropes and hello to the Tangram Jump Rope. Not your ordinary skipping rope, this smart rope pairs with your device to accurately track every metric of your workout – calories burnt, jumps completed, and length of your workout. What’s more, it has 23 LED lights embedded in the rope to display these metrics to you midair – sick!
4. Tangram Jump Rope
If you’re looking to get your diet on track in 2021, look no further than a Nutri Bullet Personal. Nutri Bullets are the most popular blenders on the market and for good reason, they’re easy to clean and work really well. Whether you’re mixing a smoothie or a protein shake, this small power-packed blender will have it done in just seconds and comes with a great recipe book to keep the ideas flowing.
5. Nutri Bullet Personal
Take your workout wireless with JBL’s Live Free Noise-Cancelling earbuds. As one of the best in the business, JBL recently unveiled the latest incarnation of its true-wireless buds and these are the ultimate addition to your gym bag.
6. JBL Live Free NC
Take your foam rolling to the next level with the Hyperice Vyper 2.0. This smart gadget features three vibration settings, providing you with a custom stretching experience tailored to your warmup and recovery needs. The tech gadget states it can increase your range of motion by up to 40 per cent (versus 18 per cent increase with a regular foam roller) and helps to reduce muscle soreness. Its cordless, compact design means it easily fits in your gym bag and can last for two hours of continual use on a single charge.
7. Hyperice Vyper 2.0
Massage guns have exploded onto the fitness scene in the last 12 months. Relieving muscle soreness, cramps, and tension, they have become a go-to for athletes and fitness athletes alike. While some can be quite bulky, the pocket-sized Theragun Mini gives you the ability to treat your muscles on the go. Quiet and small yet extremely powerful, the Theragun Mini offers three speed settings and 150 minutes of go time on a single charge.
8. Theragun Mini
The PowerDot is a smart muscle recovery and performance tool. Using the scientifically proven technology of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), PowerDot helps to relieve pain, improve athletic performance, and accelerate recovery from injury. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, you can control the 12+ electric muscle stimulation programs loaded into the smart recovery tool from the app, giving you even more control over the process.
9. PowerDot
Using world-first consumer technology, the Skulpt System allows you to measure your body fat percentage and identifies the relative strength of your muscles. The system then takes this in-depth body fat and muscle analysis and provides workout guidance tailored to your body.
10. Skulpt System
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