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150 best truth or dare questions | Man of Many

Good dare questions tend to have a bit more of a sultry theme, and while there is nothing wrong with that, playing with that notion can be risky. It’s worth starting slow and going with the old favourites, such as forcing one player to do a challenge for the remainder of the round. Similarly, doing something super embarrassing is always good fare. While asking your friends to post cringe stuff on social media is also worth a laugh, try not to ruin their lives.

Best Dare Questions

While we often associate this game with an opportunity to force our friends to do something stupid, don’t sleep on the other side of the equation. The best truth questions for adults can reveal some deeper feelings, motivations and emotions that may not have previously known about your other players. Sure, you don’t want to go too weird with it and you certainly don’t want to make it awkward for your friends, but toe the line and see what you can uncover. Here’s our list of the best truth questions.

Best Truth Questions

Keeping things relatively simple, if you’re looking to get the ball rolling with a few general dares to ask, these are the ones to go for. These dares won’t be entirely revealing but it is a great place to start. Should things get a little antsy, you can always double down and go with the truth or just drink to avoid the awkwardness.

Even More Dare Questions

These truth questions will give you a brief overview of the answerer’s life. While these questions won’t give you a lot of insight, they are a good place to start, giving you somewhere to go in future rounds. With these options, you’re able to gain a little more information on your other players, which you can use to your advantage in the future. From embarrassing things they’ve done to their deepest, darkest fear, these truths are seriously interesting.

Even More Truth Questions

If you’ve never played truth or dare before, the game’s rules are relatively simple.

How To Play Truth or Dare

Now, even the best Truth or Dare questions can be a recipe for tension among your friends. Before you kick-off, it’s worth taking stock of who is and isn’t really into the game. Here are some simple tips you can follow to ensure no one gets their feelings hurt and you keep your friendships intact.

Tips for Good Truth or Dare Questions

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