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How to Bleach Your Hair Safely at Home | Man of Many

Before we go into the best ways to bleach your hair, allow us to provide a little inspiration. Here are some male celebrities who bleached their hair at one point or another (presumably not at home, but one never knows):

Male Celebrities with Bleached Hair

The Biebs is always mixing things up in the hairstyle department, and he’s gone through some intense bleached hair phases.

1. Justin Bieber

In the midst of his short-lived romance with Arianna Grande, SNL star Pete Davidson went into “bleach overkill” mode. To gaze upon his platinum blonde hair was kind of like staring into the sun.

2. Pete Davidson

Ryan Gosling bleached his hair for his role in “The Place Beyond The Pines.” What? It still counts.

3. Ryan Gosling

Last year, the Maroon 5 frontman reverted to platinum blonde because his wife was a big fan of the look.

4. Adam Levine

Viral sensation Charlie Puth put his social media skills to work when he debuted his new bleached blonde look on Instagram last year.

5. Charlie Puth

If you’re wondering 50+ Curly Haircuts & Hairstyle Tips for Men for men, then you’re most likely in pursuit of some platinum blonde follicles. However, that’s not the only reason to bleach your hair. Another reason could be that you have dark hair and want to achieve a pastel tone. In this scenario, you’ll have to bleach your hair first before applying another colour. As such, bleach serves as a bridge of sorts, providing a foundation for a variety of lighter tones.

Why Bleach Your Hair?

Odds are you first heard of bleach as it pertains to laundry, i.e. as a powerful stain remover that can also leave white splotches when applied accidentally. Well, it works more or less the same way on your hair. When activated by peroxide, bleach penetrates the hair shaft, oxidising the melanin molecule and causing an irreversible chemical reaction. In turn, the bleach removes both natural pigment and artificial colour, rendering your hair in a much lighter tone.

What Does Bleach Do?

Before we go into how to bleach your hair at home, we should offer some words of caution. First and foremost: using chemicals can be dangerous in and of itself. Secondly, every time you apply bleach you are damaging your hair, period. For that reason, you should not bleach your hair if the follicles are already dry, coarse, or damaged. And if you recently coloured or processed your hair, wait at least three months before bleaching it.

Risks of Bleaching Your Hair at Home

So we’ve gone over the risks and you’re forging ahead anyway. Good for you! A quick word of advice: don’t wash your hair for 2-3 days before you bleach it, as this will yield optimal results. Also, be sure to perform the routine in a well-ventilated area with strong lighting and plenty of room for your things.

How to Bleach Your Hair at Home for Men

You should be wearing throwaway clothes when you step into the bathroom or wherever it is you’ll be getting your bleach on. Now, put on your plastic or latex gloves.

Step One: Put on Gloves

Partition your hair and tighten it in bunches as if you were straightening it. Make sure you can get to every area with ease.

Step Two: Prep Your Hair

In a non-metallic mixing bowl, add two parts of developer for every one part of bleach powder. The consistency should be like whipped yoghurt, with no lumps.

Step Three: Mix the Bleach Powder with the Developer (Peroxide)

Using the tinting brush, apply the bleach to your hair as quickly as possible. Go from front to back and consider leaving your roots for last. When you’re done bleaching every last follicle, cover your hair with the shower cap.

Step Four: Apply the Bleach

Leave the bleach in your hair for 30-45 minutes, and not a minute longer. Keep checking your hair in the mirror as you wait, to make sure the colour is lifting properly. If you have darker hair, don’t worry if you notice an orange tone developing, as this is a normal part of the process.

Step Five: Wait

After 30-45 minutes have concluded, hop into the shower and rinse out the bleach. Use a balancing shampoo and follow that up with a protein balancing conditioner. Let your hair dry.

Step Six: Wash Your Hair

After your DIY bleach session, you might notice that your hair is left with brassy, copper, orange, or yellow hues. Enter toner, which converts any of the remaining pigments into a more natural colour. Using toner is basically the same as using bleach, and the risks of damage or undesirable outcomes are just as great.

How to Apply Toner

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