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A double chin, or even a triple chin is a highly common condition. In most cases, having a double chin is nothing to worry about, offering only cosmetic concerns. In this instance, a double chin, also known a submental fat is just a layer of excess fat that has collected beneath the chin around the jawline. When this layer becomes substantial enough, it can form a wrinkle or bubble effect that has the appearance of a second chin. Medically speaking, having a double chin is rarely a cause for major concern, however, a surplus of excess fat is never a sign of positive health.

What is a Double Chin?

While it may seem straight-forward, double chin causes are more widespread and varying than you may think. A number of people are who aren’t overweight suffer from the condition, indicating it isn’t just weight gain that is to blame for our double chin issues. Here are the main causes of a double chin.

Double Chin Causes

It’s no surprise that as we get older, our skin loses tension and begins to sag. The process has much do with our body’s collagen production, which starts to decline in our mid-20s. When this happens, our skin begins to lose elasticity, with collagen creation continuously deteriorating as we age. The older we get, the more pronounced the effect, which generally results in a collection of sagging skin beneath the chin. This can create the same effect as if we were carrying extra fat beneath our jawline, however, certain lifestyle factors can significantly speed up the process.

1. Ageing Skin

With the advent of smartphones and laptops, we consistently find ourselves in a hunched position, which can have meaningful impacts on your overall health. We know that poor posture sets you up for back and neck issues down the track, but failing to maintain an upright stance can also lead to a double chin. By craning over our necks, we put excess pressure on the platysma muscle, which connects the neck to the chin. When this muscle weakens, it can reduce the elasticity of the skin around the jowls, resulting in the aforementioned sagging.

2. Posture

As human beings, we all have different face shapes and structures. Just like our body shapes have us predisposed to certain conditions, our face shapes can be flattering and unflattering depending on factors outside of our control. People with recessive chins and weak jawlines will find themselves more susceptible to developing a double chin, irrespective of whether they are overweight or not. This is simply because, for these individuals, the skin is stretched over a smaller area. As this skin is less tightly drawn over the face, it requires only a small increase in fat or a decrease in skin elasticity to cause a double chin. This is one of the primary reasons why people who are not overweight may suffer from double chin.

3. Facial Structure

While some external factors will certainly play a part in whether you have a double chin or not, by far the most common cause of the condition is being overweight. When you gain weight, the excess fat is distributed around the body, often collecting in some less than desirable areas, such as the face and chin. Depending on your body type, this weight gain may be noticeable. For example, those with a larger frame can afford to add a few extra kilos around their waist or legs without the increase being noticeable. However, if you are slighter in frame or have a weaker jawline, even a small increase in fat can see a pronounced layer of excess fat collect around the chin area.

4. Being Overweight

If you want to get rid of double chin issues for good, the steps you need to take aren’t particularly ground-breaking. In fact, for the most part, you will follow the same process involved in general weight loss. As a double chin is primarily the result of excess fat collecting beneath the chin, reducing your overall bodyweight and fat percentage will be a contributing factor in helping you to lose the chin fat. Here is how to get rid of double chin.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin

The most obvious method for getting rid of your double chin is through diet. By eating a calorie deficit, you can reduce your overall bodyweight, which can help to cut excess fat around your body. Simply by eating well, you can help to cut excess body fat and slim that double chin, however, certain foods can actually increase your body’s collagen production. These include;

1. Diet

In a similar vein, improving your exercise regime can help you to get rid of your double chin. In this instance, greater energy expenditure can lead to weight loss, removing the excess fat collecting around your jawline. Further, cardiovascular and strength training has been proven to increase your mood, improve the immune system and boost your overall health.

2. Exercise

Also known as liposculpture, lipolysis uses liposuction or heat from a laser to melt away fat. This is a process that is often referred to as ‘contouring’ the skin. In most cases, a local anesthetic is all that is required during lipolysis to treat a double chin, however, it bears reminding that lipolysis only treats fat. This procedure does not remove excess skin or increase skin’s elasticity.

3. Lipolysis

Mesotherapy is a procedure that delivers small amounts of fat-dissolving compounds through a series of minimally-invasion injections. In America, the Food and Drug Administration approved deoxycholic acid (Kybella), an injectable drug used in mesotherapy back in 2015, with the acid reportedly also helping your body to absorb fats.

4. Mesotherapy

If you want to elevate the process and get rid of double chin issues faster, you may find yourself searching for double chin exercises. While there is little science to suggest that chin-specific exercises have a significant impact on your double chin, strengthening your jaw and lower-facial muscles can certainly help to tighten skin. Here is a list of 5 double chin exercises you can test out.

Double Chin Exercises

  • Open your mouth, roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth.
  • Dip your chin as if you are scooping water with your lower jaw.
  • Move your head down in a scooping motion.
  • Close your mouth while lifting your head.
  • 1. Chin Scoop

  • Clench your teeth with your mouth closed.
  • Stretch the corners of your lips as wide as possible.
  • Push your tongue against your hard palate, increasing force gradually.
  • Hold until you feel a strong tension in your chin muscle, then relax.
  • 2. Clench Smile

  • Turn your head to the left.
  • Pull your lower jaw forward, straining the muscles of your neck.
  • Turn your head to the right and do the same movement.
  • 3. Under-Bite Stretch

  • Place a tennis ball under your chin.
  • Press your chin down against the ball.
  • Repeat 25 times daily.
  • 4. Ball Under Chin

  • Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling.
  • Pucker your lips as if you’re kissing the ceiling.
  • Stretch the area beneath your chin.
  • Hold, before bringing your head back to its normal position.
  • 5. Pucker

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