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No Space For Fakes: How To Spot Fake Sneakers, According To An Expert | Man of Many

Jasmine says the box your kicks come in says as much about their legitimacy as the design and make of the shoes themselves.

Start At The Beginning

If you didn’t believe Jasmine and her team were doing the Lord’s work before, you will now: she says counterfeit sneakers have an unmistakably “fake” smell – and you get pretty good at identifying it when you’ve sniffed your fair share of shoes.

Don’t Skip The Sniff Test

This goes without saying, but your chances for disappointment are slashed when you buy through a reputable platform like eBay – especially because you’ll get your cash back if a fake pair slips through the cracks. The same can’t be said of private transactions.

Leave It To The Experts

If you’re desperate to snag a particular pair of sneaks, chances are you’ll have some competition on your hands. This kind of demand creates a golden opportunity for counterfeiters to fill the supply gap with dupes.

Keep Your Wits About You

Whether you’re a baby sneakerhead or a full-blown collector shopping online for the first time, sneaker shopping can be an overwhelming experience, given the sheer volume of brands, colours, and editions on the market. But your fellow sneakerheads have got your back.

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