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27 Best Sustainable Men's Fashion Brands | Man of Many

The best sustainable men’s fashion brands take into account circularity, sustainable use of fabrics, and ethical sourcing of materials amongst a plethora of techniques. Defining exactly what makes a fashion brand sustainable can change depending on your own perception of sustainability, so we recommend reading through all of the advice below and, most importantly, making a conscious decision before purchasing anything at all.

The Best Sustainable Men’s Fashion Brands

Sustainable fashion focuses on bringing a more conscious mindset to the consumer. It seeks to address the whole line of products within the fashion industry and its environmental impact. From using more ecological textile production to reducing the waste that surrounds the creation of garments, sustainable fashion hopes to enable ‘green consumption’ for more environmentally friendly purchases. Investing in clothes that are good for the earth and built on quality products? Sounds like a win-win situation.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Ethical fashion, similar to sustainable fashion, also seeks to address how sustainable our clothes are but takes a step further in covering a range of ethical concerns. Issues like ensuring fair treatment and wages of workers bring the conversations of ethics to light within the fashion industry. This approach to fashion seeks to find greater integrity and justice within our clothes, considering the interdependent relationships within the industry. From the users to the producers, ethical fashion takes into account the delicate balance of all the stakeholders, and how all the cultural and financial sectors can work together towards a more conscious approach. Organizations such as the Ethical Fashion Initiative focus on addressing the UN’s sustainable development goals, through fashion. Goals of “no poverty, gender equality, decent work, economic growth, and responsible consumption and production” are the main pursuits of such initiative.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Now the question is, how do we combine both sustainable and ethical fashion to become more conscious consumers? Both practices address environmental concerns and seek to reduce consumption around fast and cheap fashion. The two work adjacently with each other ensuring that the line of products within the fashion industry is socially and environmentally conscious. However, being aware of the two can allow us to become more informed consumers! For starters, reviewing a brand’s ethical standards is a great way to start building our awareness. If such brands are focused on full transparency, information regarding the sort of textiles they use, their production line start to finish, and how they invest in worker’s rights and wages should be available for review. Now that we have a general understanding of sustainable and ethical fashion, it’s time to start building our eco-friendly look.

What to Look for When Buying Sustainable Clothing

While there are a lot of big names on this list, taking the crown for the best sustainable fashion brand for men is Sheep Inc. Not a household name yet, this company is making a name for itself as the worlds first carbon-negative fashion label.  Where fast fashion fails, this ethical fashion brands process thrives with a zero-waste, mulesing-free philosophy, always putting the animals’ welfare first.

1. Sheep Inc.

Probably one of the most recognizable brands on this list, Patagonia focuses on making ready to wear tech gear for any environment. Their most recent campaign, Patagonia Action Works, bases its efforts in community building. Connecting individuals with organizations seeking change, Patagonia hopes to serve as a resource to empower and involve those wanting to work with environmental action groups.

2. Patagonia

Nike has announced a move to zero initiative, a journey of sorts that will lead to carbon and waste neutrality in the future. The future of clothing and sports hinges on planned sustainability and the biggest shoe manufacturer in the world is looking to remain as a pack leader. Collective action starts with collective education, and Nike has partnered with the Climate Impact Lab to demonstrate the connection between a stable climate and athletic performance. Furthermore, they have issued an impact report which details the future of Nike and its long-term sustainability goals. Finally, the circular design guide announces the rethinking of all Nike products for long-term reuse.

3. Nike

Ah yes, Levi’s. Everyone’s favourite source for a high calibre pair of jeans, pursuing the classic design from 1853 to today. The fashion brand has taken the world by storm by expanding its offering to a range of denim products, taking into account forward-thinking methods of responsible production. With remarkable authenticity and an eco-friendly approach, the brand continues having us live in Levi’s.

4. Levi’s

An ethically focused brand, Kotn centres its efforts on using authentic Egyptian cotton. What began as a simple statement to use one naturally sourced fibre propelled the brand into working with local Egyptian families. From the cotton cut and sewn right out of Alexandria, the company ensures fair wages and the exchange of products. Inarguably, Kotn is sustaining equal responsibility among the community and planet.

5. Kotn

Adidas is the manufacturer of the best selling shoe in the world, the Stan Smith. So when they announce that the number one selling shoe in the world is receiving a sustainable update, we listen. With the help of the ‘Parley’ collection, the brand has set a target to produce 15-20 million pairs of shoes using recycled plastic waste from beaches and coastal regions. Not only that but the release of the first fully recyclable running shoe dubbed the ‘Futurecraft Loop’, is set to finish in 2021.

6. Adidas

A line that emerged as a family business, Faherty is dedicated to making the highest quality clothes with little environmental impact. Merging their love for casual beachwear and passion for finding sustainable materials, Faherty has taken it upon themselves to recognize the damage the textile industry has on our environment. The company goes above and beyond in cultivating products that benefit customers, the community, and most importantly the planet.

7. Faherty

This British designer has quickly become known for her sustainable practices. The cats way out of the bag at this point and after winning the Queen Elizabeth II Award in February 2019, she was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize the same month. While her rise may have coincided with the year that the fashion world began to take sustainability seriously, it has always been part of Williams’ ethos. While the price is steep, this is without a doubt the best sustainable fashion brand on the market.

8. Bethany Williams

When Organic Basics says sustainability is at the core of their mission, they’re essentially saying sustainability is the only way they act. They put sustainability at the centre of everything, they only choose fabrics that care about the environment and only partner with factories that care about the impact.

9. Organic Basics

A French brand founded in 2005, Veja has reimagined how we approach the classic sneaker. The popular shoewear line finds transparency within the materials that they use, from rubber to cotton. As their mission statement affirms, “the idea behind a pair of VEJA: standing up with one foot in design and the other in social responsibility”. Focusing on a responsible production method, VEJA has even taken strides to create a vegan shoe, a plant-based and biodegradable sneaker that adopts a timeless design.

10. Veja

Blurring the line between clothing brands and materials companies is PANGAIA. First and foremost, they are a materials and science company on a mission to save our environment. PANGAIA’s goal is to create essential products from the innovative tech and bio-engineered materials, they are as sustainable as it gets. With PANGAIA you can make sustainable choices without compromising on style.


With a name like Outerknown, it’s clear that the line has the highest regard for the environment around them. The American brand believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability, both can work in harmony together. Outerknown wants to redefine the traditional supply chain and prove you can make exceptional menswear sustainably.

12. Outerknown

In pursuit of Less, Asket pushes the boundaries of what it means to be sustainable. The Swedish brand hopes to restore the value of clothes and re-evaluate the materials we invest in. As their mission statement entails zero compromise garments, they track their production process from farm to factories. Asket remains a constant pursuit of developing key pieces one at a time, contributing to a greater permanent collection.

13. Asket

Nau builds the world’s most sustainable performance wear. The American brand also assures that every purchase you make goes towards a greater cause. 98% of their income goes towards building a more sustainable company, while the remaining 2% goes to grassroots environmentalism. Nau wants customers to enjoy high-performance gear that also maintains an eco-friendly design.

14. Nau

Focusing on a material that was absent from the footwear industry, founder Tim Brown became curious about the wonders of merino wool. The brand built off of this proficient resource to create shoes inspired by natural materials. Allbirds also takes works with nonprofit Soles4Souls and delivers its product in fully recyclable packaging.

15. Allbirds

A widely popular American brand, Everlane is driven by elegant and modern designs, making the line a great source for refined basics. Everlane also extends its brand into making a difference, focusing on exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency. Everlane demonstrates that even brands with a global reach can continue to create good and honest products.

16. Everlane

The number one source for innovative outerwear, Columbia was founded to create accessible outdoor gear and tech for the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The company’s ideology entails a ton of great stuff like preserving natural resources through their innovative products, adopting responsible practices, and partnering with organizations around the world to empower a sustainable lifestyle.

17. Columbia

Tentree focuses on making clothes for a healthy and sustainable world. Created in combination with products of hemp, cork, and organic cotton, the brand sets its sights beyond sustainability. In fact, with every item purchased ten trees are planted, making them one of the most environmentally progressive brands on the planet.

18. Tentree

Nudie Jeans is founded on a simple philosophy of balance. The often-overlooked value of raw and untreated fabric is where Nudie Jeans began to source their 100% organic cotton jeans. They began their agenda with creating non-toxic denim, having garments ready for reuse leaving zero environmental footprints.

19. Nudie Jeans

Born in the Australian outback, R.M. Williams creates iconic footwear designs such as the Chelsea boot. They are fully accredited by ECA, or Ethical Clothing Australia, for adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the inception of their shoes.

20. R.M. Williams

Thought bases its products in creating a thoughtful world while pursuing a desire to create natural contemporary clothing. From the uses of breathable bamboo and organic cotton to the feel of helpful hemp and recycled polyester, Thought wants you to feel good in the clothes you wear.

21. Thought

Combining luxury wear and sustainability, Naadam is a Mongolian knitwear brand that seeks to preserve the nomadic lifestyle. In order to conserve this heritage, Naadam pays nomadic herders 50% more than the average in efforts to improve transparency among grazing practices.

22. Naadam

With an emphasis on apparel and furniture design, Oil and Lumber finds their products’ quality emerges from ethically constructed and sourced materials. As Oil and Lumber create 99 per cent of its product line in its local Nashville studio, the brand hopes to educate and fulfil buyers with their engaging craftsmanship.

23. Oil and Lumber

Alternative Apparel is concise when it comes to building a straightforward line. Taking on the motto of soft, sustainable, and simple, the brand is designed with the purpose of putting forward eco-friendly practices. More than 80 per cent of garments are made using sustainable materials.

24. Alternative Apparel

Building the world’s first guilt-free brand, Pact defines this approach to fashion as both ethical and sustainable. Established on the principles of organic cotton, fair trade factory certification, zero harmful chemicals, and reduction of water usage, the American brand hopes to make conscious and comfortable style for all.

25. Pact

A British men’s brand with an exceptional eye for style, Brothers We Stand is reconceptualizing taste in an ethical manner. Every product traces its carbon footprint to break down environmental impact while encouraging each piece to excel in its sustainability.

26. Brothers We Stand

Outland Denim bases its philosophy on denim to end poverty. Sourcing some of the best materials from around the world to make quality contemporary garments, the denim line hopes to bring empowerment, sustainability, and transparency. Guided by these beliefs, the timeless denim line wants to minimise the impact on the environment and reduce exploitation every step of the process.

27. Outland Denim

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