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How to Wear a Men's Suit in Summer | Man of Many

When buying a comfortable summer suit, men are wise to start with the fabric. Indeed, most fashion gurus suggest eschewing wool in favour of lighter materials like cotton or linen. Such a move has both pros and cons. Yes, cotton and linen are more lightweight, but they’re also less resilient. Wool, by contrast, might be heavier in bulk, but it’s also commonly more breathable. Furthermore, there’s a middle ground in the form of trans-seasonal fabrics like Merino Cool Wool, which employs ultra-thin fibres to retain a lightweight, breathable feel. If wool just sounds too heavy, consider getting a linen or seersucker (cotton) suit for the summer. The former is super light on the body while the latter is more absorbent and thereby good for controlling body odour. And stay away from polyester altogether.

Summer Suit Style, Fabric and Lining

If there’s one time of the year to experiment with lighter (or even brighter) suit shades, it’s the summer. Colours of light blue, green and even yellow work from a stylish perspective, especially when it’s light out. However, if you prefer a darker or more minimalist colour scheme, you still have plenty of options. That said, you should avoid black, which basically acts like a heat-sucking sponge. However, colours such as light grey or light tan are definitely on the table for summer suiting.

Summer Suit Colours

During the summer, a pair of heavy shoes can deliver just as much as discomfort as a bulky suit. Thankfully, it’s often acceptable to mix things up and remain stylish at the same time. For example, pairing clean, quality sneakers with no socks and a crisp men’s summer suit is a look that works almost exclusively in the summertime (though maybe not in your office). If you’re stuck with dress shoes, opt for lightweight materials and a lower cut. Also, be sure to give yourself some ventilation by cultivating a little space (but not too much space) between the pant leg and shoe.

Shoes to Match Your Summer Suit

Few accessories are more suited for summer than a nice pair of sunglasses–find some killer shades and rock them to their fullest potential. Also, consider foregoing the tie and unbuttoning the top few buttons on your shirt to show off some chest (should you be the type who can get away with it). If not wearing a tie isn’t an option, here’s a quick tip: carry your tie around with you and only put it on when necessary. Meanwhile, nothing exudes the summertime aesthetic like a minimalist wristwatch touting clean colours such as nautical blue or pearl white. Last but not least is the trusty pocket square, a surefire way to let others know you roll with top seasonal style.

Summer Suit Accessories

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